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Shopping for new speakers-need ideas... Selling old DQ-10's...
Don't know if your into ARs but I love my 10pi. Great speakers for classic rock and everything else.  
Carver M-1.0T/dq10’s
Never heard DQ10s driven by that amp but I've run various speakers with that amp. Had one of the modified ones for years. Very nice sounding amp with good power. Last speakers I ran were a Infinity RS-1 system no issues. 
SS Amp Designer by Reputation
Got my Threshold S/550E for 2k. It's nice as long as you don't mind moving 100lbs around.  
What is the best solid state amplifier you have ever heard?
Pioneer M-22 with matching C-21 pre.  
Used vs New vs Vintage vs Floorstanding vs Bookshelf vs ..... OMG!
Definitely listen to different speakers and see what you like. Once you know what "sound" you like then decide on equipment to run them. Easier as mentioned to find easy to drive speakers. I went the opposite way vintage Infinity and Acoustic Rese... 
Tube Amps Watts vs SS amp
VTL 300 Deluxe would work if you want tubes. Personally my AR-90s never really sounded that good with tubes. What you need is high current SS. I like Threshold myself. Using a 550E at the moment but my 300 worked well. I'd love a pair of SA/1 but ... 
Threshold SA/1 monoblocks cap issues, perhaps?
Contact Jon Soderberg-Vintage Amp Repair. Awesome pair of monos don't risk em get them fixed. 
What are the best speakers you have ever owned and why?
Started out with a pair of two way Advents. Found my way into using Bose 901s for years. Then tried some Magnepan 1.7s. Soon replaced those with speakers I've always wanted AR-90s and Infinity RS-1. It's always a toss up on which ones I like the s... 
tube pre amp or tube amp
I've always enjoyed a tube pre with ss amp combo. I run less efficient speakers so the ss amp makes it easier to drive them.  
Infinity RS-4.5's need some help
Please don't part them out. I have a set of RS-1s. Infinity speakers when working properly are magical. Just find someone who will give them the love they deserve. Good luck. 
What are the best speakers you have ever owned and why?
My AR-90s are my favorite so far. I also have Infinity RS-1s but am unable to use them due to limited space. IF I had the room maybe they'd be number 1.  
Older or Modern amp for older Speakers (NHT 3.3)
I've had great luck running Threshold amps. Presently using a 550/E. Wonderful amp 
AR Vt-200 vs VTL-300 deluxe
Wouldn't be concerned about buying VTL 300s used. No need to deal with the factory for service. They're just big tube amps. Nice quality transformers etc. If anything just have the caps checked and go.  
AR Vt-200 vs VTL-300 deluxe
I enjoyed my VTL 300s with my Infinity RS-1s. No experience with the VT-200 though. They'll have enough juice for you. Heavy SOBs Lol. 
Amplifier upgrade
I have a set of RS-1s. I use Threshold amps to run both pairs of towers. At one time I also used some VTL 300s on the mid/high end. From my experience what you use depends on how you like your Infinities to sound like. I prefer a hotter top end si...