myrtle blocks

Who sell these great little blocks of isolation. Looking to buy a few more. Thanks in advance for your help.
The Cable Company.
Herbies used to have Myrtle Balls for the isolation cups which acted like footers. I don't know if he still sells them.

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Waipuna sound
Cardas also makes these in conjunction with Ayre.

Here's a source, to which I have no affiliation:
I got my myrtlewood blocks that I use as cable elevators from Kj at Battlerock studios.

Shipping was fast. My plinths and cable elevators were packaged well. I also got updates on my order throughout the process.
what are they supposed to do and why?
WAIPUNA has the largest and most diverse product line of Myrtle everything.
Cheaper to buy a block of myrtlewood and cut your own to spec. I did.