Trying to decide between Cardas Myrtle Heart,

Ortofon Jubilee and Shelter 7000 to be used with Acutus Volvere/SME IV.All constructive/instructive commentaries in relation to these 3 cartridges will be greatly appreciated.
What are your sonic goals, preferences?
Listen mostly to classical(symphonic,chamber music)acoustic jazz,world music and some rock from the 70's,so dynamic range and truth of timbre would be most important.
I'm not intimately familiar with the other two but I've owned a Cardas Heart for about 10 years and have been delighted with it. You probably know that it is a modified Benz Ruby with holes drilled in the body which lightens it and makes it a little less damped, leaving it a tad more lively than it's sibling. I deem it to be full, warm and refined, much like what I've heard of the Jubillee. You might want to add the Transfiguration Phoenix to your list in that price range. Good luck.

Dealer disclosure.
Thanks for your kind reply.