Should I use Myrtlewood blocks under my Lenco 75 ?

Hi ,

I thought I'd do a simple up grade . The leco has hollow brass half rounds with pins on each corner the kind one saw on old furniture not too good .

Thanks Alex
Thanks oregon ,

what if I put 4 between the plate and plinth ? my plate is not yet firmly joined down
Although the Lenco sounds better than many expensive tables just sitting on a bunch of bricks, it really needs to be mounted to a plinth for best sound. Then use spikes at three points and place place blocks under the spike points.
Shoot me an email. I'd like to see your Lenco/plinth.
i agree need to be mounted on a solid heavy plinthe like MTHE MASTER JEAN NANTAIS IS DOING FOR ALL LENCOS , GARRARDS
I would love to do that . I'm not sure what to do I am a good crafty DIY but I would need a place to work . I saw some one who modified the original plinth with the layered woods in side of the old one .
Jean makes some very nice plinths . $800 ?

So what are some nice reasonably priced spikes (cones) ? Which three points, one in front, two in back ?

I have a mayware arm from Ebay, england !