My experience with Galen Carol Audio

I called Galen Carol Audio today because they carry all three of the manufacturers of turntables that I am considering for an upgrade (SME, Clearaudio, and VPI).  Down here in Miami, there are not many analog dealers, so I looked elsewhere.

Galen himself answered the phone, and we had a 30 minute discussion on turntable manufacturing methods, differences in quality, and approach.  He is a kind, gracious person and very knowledgable about analog.  I was just so impressed with him that I was inspired to share this experience here on the forum!

If you need something that they sell, I would recommend giving Galen Carol a call!
He is very well known and has been there forever.
What did he recommend you get, by the way ?
I will always look to Galen Carol first for what ever I might be seeking,, have nothing but good things to say about him.
Deal with him for my Shunyata items.  Very professional and knowledgeable. 
Another +vote for Galen. Good to read that you guys had positive experiences. Happy Listening!
As I am in the early stages of research, and I will not make a move quickly, Galen gave me more general advice and answered my questions.  His advice was that it may be better to not make a small jump, as I already have a good deck. If I am to upgrade, it may be better to make a somewhat significant upgrade.  I don't think he was trying to suggest that I spend more money, I think he was more of the opinion that an upgrade should make a difference, and also last a good while.

I asked him which table feels better constructed, the SME or Clearaudio at the same price point?  He said without hesitation that SME is the table if one is obsessive about build quality (like I am).  We were comparing the SME 10 or 15 with tables from Clearaudio's Innovation line with similar price points.

So, I am not exactly ready to buy, especially as I am leaning towards SME, and that is a pricey endeavor, but I will be calling Galen when I am ready.
Very professional seller. Bought my VPI Prime used from him. Items  was exactly as stated and shipped to perfection. Very polite on the phone. I would not hesitate to buy through Glenn Carol again.
I bought some of my first high end products from him decades ago. ET tonearm, Quicksilver Silver monos, VPI TT, and so on. Nothing but great things to say!
I share this philosophy - serious upgrades not small steps. And if he makes more in cases people follow his advice - that may be good for both parties. I said "may" not "is" because in recommending this or that brand and model he will take into account his profit margins, which vary. And as always but especially at this high level - do not buy without listening. I don't know the prices, but you might also consider other German turntables - Brinkmann and TW Akoustic come to mind.
I'm located in the midwest. Positive experience with  Hollywood Sound in Fl. They do analogue too!
Larry of Hollywood Sound is the only one, I think, who sells Notingham turntables. He strongly dislikes MM cartridges, other than that he is easy to deal with.
LOL, I almost forgot about Larry... I bought my current table (Michell) and the last two cartridges (Dynavector and Lyra) from him! He also set up my Lyra on the Michell. I do like Larry.  He is another highly knowledgeable, down to earth dealer.  I am simply looking into three manufacturers that he does not carry.
In response to Marktomaras......
Thanks for your comments about my friend Galen Carroll. I started buying from him years ago, because San Antonio is my home town. After the first sale, I realized that Galen is a stand up guy and Ive been his customer ever since. My modest system is almost all sourced from him.
He's also steered me away from certain gear that I wanted, and he wanted to sell...cause it  just wasn't right for my system and/or listening room. have nothing but accolades for this guy.
Rose of SA
 Nope. It was just a well-deserved testimonial.  I have no affiliation with the dealer, nor did he  ask me to post anything.   This was a shout out to someone who deserved it, and a heads up to those on this forum looking for a good dealer.
Galen is one of my favorite dealers too. I purchased a VPI Classic, Simaudio Moon phono stage, a VPI 9T tonearm, Benz Glider, and an Aurender N100H from him. He once talked me out of a $5000 preamp purchase from him on the basis that he did not think the preamp in question would be a significant upgrade over the preamp I already had. 
But at the time, my town lacked a b&m shop that sold VPI. Now I have one and when it comes to turntables, I have learned that there is no substitute for having a local pro ready to help when you need it. Any money you save up front will likely be lost later if you buy mail-order. But if a product is not available locally, there is no one better than Galen. 
+1 for great seller of Galen Audio from owner of audible illusion L3A and now L3B ... blackgate version of course.   

Both units at 240v for Singapore took 1 month to build and arrived at my home against all the concern on long leadtime of Audible Illusion.

Will continue to seek his help for my future hifi purchases.