"Mac" Integrated Owners: Are You Experienced?

I have a McIntosh MA6900 and will be auditioning the following interconnects in my system: JPS Superconductor 2, Synergistic Kaliedecope Phase 2, Cardas Neurtal Ref, Wireworld Eclipse 5, and MIT s3i Shotgun.

My system is: McIntosh MA 6900 Integrated (JPS AC+ PC); Simaudio Nova/Chimera Labs Advantage II IC's(Flavor 4 PC); Definitive Technology BP 7002 speakers (Analysis Plus Oval 9 cable) HSU VTF2 mk2 sub. FIM AC outlets/ Shunyata Hydra 4 w/ Shunyata Copperhead PC (to Nova

Do you have experience with any of these interconnects and your McIntosh?
yes i actually own a ma 6100 with mit terminator2 and its ok but never tried anything different
Late response, but...I have a McIntosh MC-162 amp, Pass Labs X2 pre and Arcam CD73 with vibrapods underneath. I use MIT S2 ics between power and pre. I use Audience Au24 between pre and cd. Single run Oval 9s to NHT 2.5 speakers. Synergistic Classic pcs on amp and pre + Nordost Shiva on cdp. Everythings plugged in to a Monster HTPS7000. I've tried the Kaleidescope Phase 1&2, Looking Glass 1, Wireworld Eclipse 5 and Polaris 5. All were excellent cables, but putting the MITs in was almost sublime. Everything fleshed out and sounded much more natural. What did you end up using?
I too enjoy MIT cables with my McIntoshes. But I find that Mcs aren't as senstive to cable selection as other (pre)amps I have had. Arthur
I have since sold the Mac, purchased and sold a Plinius 9200 and now have a Dussun V8i. I have Acoustic Zen Ref Matrix II IC's and Satori Shotguns. The integrated and cables are all new so I have a long break in ahead before I'll know about this combination.
I am using the Harmonic Technology Pro Silway Mk II balanced Interconnect from my McIntosh MCD205 CD player to my McIntosh MA6900 Integrated Amp with Sonus Faber Grand Piano Domus Speakers. I agree with the above post that McIntosh equipment is not as senstive to cable selection as other units are. I suggest you try different cables and see what happens.
Foster_9, that Dussun sure looks impressive on paper. How do you like it? How would you compare it with the Mac and, especially, with the Plinius 9200 (which I am familair with).
Drubin: I haven't set up the V8i yet. Since it's new, I will try and report back after I get it set up and give it and the new AZ cables 100-200 hours to break in.
Foster 9 how do you like the Dussun? I had the 6900 and sold it because it wasn't transparent enough and got a tube amp. Now I am longing for the bass control of the Mac. I auditioned the Plinius 9200 and it was on my short list to replace the tube amp. This Dussun looks like it will be a balance between the Mac and tube amp. What are your impressions.
I just happened to see your post. I no longer have the Dussun. In fact, I've purchased 2 int's since then. The only reason I don't have the Dussun was because it did not have a pre out to connect a subwoofer. It was a very good integrated but I only kept it for the 30 day trial and returned it. I would say that I never got to hear it at it's best because it probably needed more time in my system to continue to burn in and I needed better speakers. I would say definitely get one and audition it. I still feel that at 1600 new, it is one of the best bargains ever in audio.- smooth, full,powerful and very well built. Ping at AAA-audio is a super nice guy to work with and a real gentleman.