My dog gets to enjoy my system mor than i do

Ill come home from work and shes just sitting on a pillow listening to Jefferson Airplane or something.  
Maybe she wants wants to identify as a white rabbit. Or something.
The dogs hear stuff never will.
Wow, dog has great taste. Does he pick the albums or do you just set him some out for him to spin later?
@tooblue mostly roon radio, nobody is allowed to mess with my analog rig. 
If your dog is turning your system on whilst you’re at work you have more serious concerns and/or possibilities than her listening to it.
@andrewkelly, my wife and recently lost our beautiful friend Kaden, a 90  pound Boxer that kept watch over my home and family for 15 years while I run the roads making a living and when I was home he was right by me on the couch listening. Enjoy the music
Thank you MC for the link -  Jorma, Jorma, something....I laughed out loud. One of my favorite guitarists.
Has she found where you hide your weed?
how did you know?