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Burmester 061 or Aurender N10?
I have the Aurender N200 with a PS Audio DAC. One major benefit is that I can upgrade the DAC and improve the sound. Which is why I avoided any server/streamer with a built in DAC. Much like folks who go with a separate pre and amp rather then an ... 
Bookshelf speakers - Paradigm, KEF, Totem
I have owned KEF and Totems, both are very good for the music you listen too. I currently own Harbeth I love them but they are not Rocknroll speakers. Jimmy is correct on those. I’d suggest trying the larger bookshelf Totems if you can.   
Honest Experience on Effects of Subwoofer Please
…”At times I felt I could hear an improvement and at other times I thought the sub wasn’t doing anything”….the trick is to not notice the sub, at least until you turn it off and then realize it’s making a huge difference. If you can tell you have ... 
Bookshelf dilemma
I have the same type of room, a little smaller, had Totems for a good while, very lively sound. I switched to Harbeth 30.2, as I had enough self space for them, but the P3 fits the bill oif you need smaller. However, Harbeth's in my opinion, are a... 
Sub Pairing With Harbeth 40.3 XDs
For my 30.2's I got a JL Audio F110v2. It mates nicely with the Harbeth sound, can't even tell it's on or where it is. Just sounds like the 30.2's with a bit more bass. So that's probably the biggest trick, matching to the Harbeth voicing. I had a... 
Who's an artist that you're a fan of but whose name you're not sure how to pronounce?
Jorma - not even going to try and spell his last name, much less pronounce it.   
Change from PS Audio S300 Stereo Power Amp to PS Audio M700 Mono Amps
I'll assume more pressure means the lower frequencies. Perhaps you are hearing more bass with maybe less "control" over the woofers? I own a PS DAC and they have been very helpful when I had questions, give them a call, they might have some ideas ... 
Songs that sound like Dylan
Besides Dylan... JJ Cale and Eric Clapton The Rutles and The Beatles (yes, parody but still) Spinal Tap and The Who/Queen - they mashed together several bands at once.           
I do not know of any car system that will allow you to do that. Post the car and system it has in it, perhaps that might help. What has your dealer said?  
Adcom GFP-750 Worth Salvaging?
I owned and also sold Adcom stuff in the 80’s and 90’s. Toss it.   
Aurender N20
I just got the N200 and love it. I couldn’t justify spending the money on the N20 for the level of my system, a Luxman 590AXII and Harbeth 30.2 speakers, so I would say the same to you, which one matches your system, current or possible future sys... 
i hate Beatle fans. (REFERENCE TO ANALOG PLANET article)
The Beatles? You mean Paul McCarthy’s old backup band? They were OK.   
My Next Upgrade: Speakers or Turntable?
I had the same decision to make 2 years back as my old turntable died. But I upgraded my Speakers first and glad I did. Although I have a good 150  albums, I finally did upgrade to a nice table, but I really have found I don’t listen to vinyl as m... 
Sound improvement with DAC, or Amp update
Normally I would say DAC, but it's your AVR that is the weakness piece right now. I had a top-end Denon AVR which I replaced with a Luxman integrated first and it made a significant, and easy to hear difference. I doubt you'd hear that much of an ... 
Which is better the DA2 in the Mcintosh MA12000 or Bluesound node?
If switching it back and forth is not possible or too much trouble, then here is what I can tell you. I owned the Bluesound and although the DAC is good, I did end up using an outboard DAC and it was much better. Although I have not heard the Mac,...