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Wilson Audio Tunetot Loudspeakers Reviewed !
I was very willing to spend the money on Wilson's Tunetots, then I listen to them and was not that impressed. I really wanted to like them, but even through the sales guy tried different amps and DAC's  they never engaged me. This of course is my ... 
Choosing an amp for Totem Sttafs
I owned the Totem Rainmakers (similar 2 way speakers, but  bookshelves not floor standing), changed from a Class D to Class A integrated amp and really liked what it did to them, smoother and better sounding at even at lower volumes. Yo will hear ... 
What Rap available on vinyl sounds great on a good system?
Waiting for millercarbon to chime in with his favorite Rap on vinyl..... 
What Makes your System Special?
The music makes mine special (having Harbeth 30.2 helps) More music is the change I’d want. Never enough. 
Most comfortable headphones
Grado, they range from $80 on up. Light weight. They are all open back so not good for noisy places, just FYI.  
Would you buy a piece of gear with a defect?
Why buy someone else’s headache? And it’s not cosmetic. Obviously the seller doesn’t want to deal with the problem. Do you?  
Audeze vs. HIFIMan vs. ??
I own Audeze and almost never listen to them, they seem dark and ‘closed” in their sound even though they are open back. So I don’t think you’d like them better then what you have. Just my opinion. You should listen to them or get good return poli... 
The Worst Room...
@Jgoldrick my second system is in my wood shop, covered with saw dust. nothing better then building something while listening to some favorite tunes.  
Streaming SiriusXM is awful
I have Sirius in my car, tried the home, but dumped it, it's definitely not for serious listening, but nice for traveling and getting a wide-range of music, news and sports. The comedy channels are fun. But FM or even free Spotify sounds better. N... 
Integrated Amp upgrade path
I agree with several other folks who say your sound will be very different switching out from the McIntosh. You need to hear the Bolder or other recommendations before making a switch that big. I am a former Mcintosh owner and in my case moving to... 
How do people feel about BluOS?
I really like my BluOS and will take your word that Roon is better (they are not an apples to apples comparison) but having been in IT my entire life, Roon for Life depends on how long they are in business, not how long you last. And it based on t... 
This is the list of the best makers of audio equipment. Respond if you disagree
Now this was a good and funny thread. Keep it coming! By the way, I agree with the Nak comments, absolutely the best sounding of a not-so-great format. My Nak died about 2 years ago and I still miss it. RIP 
When did you most enjoy the music?
My Marantz 2020 with blue lights and Advent speakers. with a pioneer turntable and Shure cartridge listening to the Doobie Brothers "Listen to the Music" at full clipping volume.Yeah, over 60....but when I put that album on today, I'm 17 again. 
Home Theater Bypass , why am I hearing this now.
I had a highly rated Denon AVR, also McIntosh and Lexicon HT systems, and even at that level of price/quality and the ability to do a 'clean' 2-channel mode, the 2-channel never sounded good compared to a dedicated 2-channel. I agree with Fittebd9... 
Quality fully automatic turntable with a removable headshell. Does this exist?
Audio-Technica (really just mid-fi). The Technics Sl1500C is high-end but autolift only. Buying a used fully-auto Technics is my suggestion.