Mundorf MKP Audiophiler or ClarityCap ESA ?

hi to all :) , 
i must replace electrolytic cap in my crossover.
for midbudget polypropylene caps i've thought to :

- mundorf mkp audiophiler  
- claritycap ESA

opinions abut them?

thank you
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Um, Clarity just released a new version, which replaces ESA, called CSA.

If you want dark, but fabulous low level detail, go with Mundorf MKP.

If you want a brighter, arier cap, CSA.

I can't stress enough though, the MKP has TONS of low level detail and ambience, but it's a better cap when you want to tame the high end. It's also cheap enough playing with it won't break your budget. :)


I should also say, both of these cap lines are on the darker side.

The Mundorf Supreme's are much brigher arier, but add a kind of oily, scintilating color.  It's VERY nice but NOT natural.

The Clarity CMR are as open and airy, but lack the coloration. It's where I go if I can afford in a project.

thank you erik but my choice is on Mundorf MKP or claritycap ESA, not CSA, CMR or supreme
only those two: do you compared mundoerf mkp vs claritycap ESA ?

thank you for your response
Yes. Just that ESA is being discontinued, so doulbe check with your supplier. :)

My overal comments are that the ESA is darker than the CSA, but not as dark as the MKP.
the ESA is not being discontinued, i mailed claritycap.
they discontinued SA infact on site is not visible anymore
remain ESA (that replace SA) and MR.

i find mundorf mkp, not dark but dry sound, sometime harsh
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do you compared mundorf mkp vs claritycap ESA or one of these ?
in your message are not mentioned
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OOPS! Sorry about that bit of misinformation. I should ask them. The ESA and MR lines went on sale simultaneously in advance of the release of the CSA and CMR so I erroneously assumed they were being phased out.

My apologies for the incorrect information.


no problem, but i asked for mundorf MKP vs claritycap ESA

yes only SA series has gone, now the ESA replace SA.
certainly this growup the already excellent claritycap lines.

i hope someone has compared mundorf MKP vs claritycap ESA :)
Audio, since I use both Mundorf MKP and ESA that is actually what i’m comparing it to. My comments on CSA were based no the delta between MR and CMR, thinking you’d hear the same steps up. :)

Sorry, I now have double confirmation you were right about what lines were current and I was wrong! :-)

But as their US distributor notes here:

The ’C’ versions are meaningful steps up, for close to the same money.

You can see why I might have assumed they were discontinuing the older 2 lines, especially since I started to see deep discounts.



ok so what are the differences between MKP and ESA ?
please clarify me :)
Mundorf MKP : Great low amplitude detail, and ambience/room acoustics but pretty dark. Great choice for harsh tweets.

ESA: Little less room acoustics/low level detail but slightly brighter.
You know, the point I want to make too is, Mundorf MKP's are super cheap, and a big upgrade from electrolytics.

Why don't you go ahead and replace oru caps with Mundorfs, and if you find htem dark, try ESA.
some time ago...oh my memory....:) friend has tried ESA vs MKP
the mkp is good but quite rough and something harsh in mid-high freq not high freq that are dark.
mkp has strange sound: with some music sound better then other caps, but with other kind of music they sound harsh in mid-hifgh, dry but dark
the esa was another word and is better then mkp in all parameters, but i don’t remenber well bacause the test was done by my friend
I've heard 1 person really dislike MKP.

I think they are a nice step up from the cheap Solens (not sure about expensive Solens) so some of this may have to do on the tweetr/mid you are using.

Again, it is SOooooo cheap, you should just go ahead and try them out. About $7/cap.

Give them a week or so to break in. If you don't like them, or want to try ESA too, go ahead.

I really think right now both are so inexpensive, you should not listen to me at all, but listen for your own ears. :)


@erik_squires  Hi Erik,  I consider the MKP to be on par with the better of the cheap solens... Solens ar PA/PB/PPE   before you get the silver or film & foil... I do like the MKP's better than the PA or PB, but ever so slightly prefer the PPE or the Mundorf MKP.... Well, I guess really the application depends... The MKP are a touch more lively, but can get congested easy,  the PPE is a tad more neutral and stage forward.... Just depends on what suits your fancy and the application,  but these 2 caps are very much on par...  Above this level,  I do prefer the Mundorfs over the solens. 
you are right tim, no word is better: the MKP "congested easy".
infact i believe that micro informations at low level of the MKP that erik say, is due the MKP are opened soon their detail and so congested before other caps.
this is my point of view, so i said that MKP has strange sound sometime
I never had this congestion others are mentioning. Did a few Focal mods. A commercial fan of the Mundorf MKP is B&W, famous for also using these micro-motor tweets.


Hi Erik,   Just thinking about your last comment.... I can easily see how a cap could do something with one speaker and not another.  Or vice versa,  not do something....  Depending on how a cap reacts to Load, frequency, and its own dielectric absorption rate,  it could certainly react differently from one speaker to another.  So with that,  It also explains why a cap is favorable on one speaker and not another.
all the persons whoi i know that tried mundorf mkp and claritycap ESA say the esa are more fine and analogue then mundorf mkp, also that mkp are good but dry sound
I like Clarity ESA more than MKP.

But for me it is about tone, not congestion.

If you have harshness you want to get rid of, MKP is the better cap.

If your tweets are relatively neutral but you want more open, then ESA
hi erik thank you for your contribution, but i listen ESA darker and more analogue than MKP.
probably in your system has different response