Claritycap MR

Anyone tried these coupling caps in there tube amps
The smallest size is 1uf can I use a larger size if the stock coupling caps in my amps are only .22uf
Do I risk phase anomolies
Anyone ?
I used them in an Pass B1 buffer, I liked them. If you need a smaller value, check out Claritycap ESA's.
Thanks Face
It looks like the ESA doesn't have the spaciousness of the MR in your Pass are they sounding neutral or a tad on the warm side ?
Anyone have experience with Dynamicaps as couplers in Tube amps
First impression with Claritycap MR's (15 hours).Replaced 4 Coupling & 1 Bypass Solen FC caps in my Consonance M800SE Monoblock with ClarityCap MR's. In comparing with the unmodified Monoblock the sound seems more laid back and less lively. Also loudness seems 2 or 3 clicks lower on my Herron Preamp. Since loudness maybe different all bets are off. I think I am getting cleaner deeper bass. With no input the noise level is lower. I know I haven't waited long enough for proper evaluation. Probably will wait  to modify the other Monoblock, so I can compare. Any comments please.
Clarity MR comes in values down to 0.01uF if you go up in voltage. :)



do not forget our Clarity Cap resident expert, dgarretson, for your cross-over needs. Happy Listening!