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Line Magnetic quality
Chinese garbage. 
Hegel H590 List $13,500. Reasonable?
I have no problem bashing China. They deserve it for all of the fraud I have to deal with. Only a sucker would buy a $13K made in China amp.  
Is there an actual difference between AB and A/AB ?
No such thing as A/AB. It’s simply AB. Bias determines how many watts of A you’ll get. And things get real hot and big with even several watts of A. All of those supposed Pass class A amps, I doubt they put more than 10-15 watts in A. 
Tekton Design Electron SE
We now have 6 Tekton threads on the first page. New members creating new threads and bumping old ones. Are Tekton employees trolling this forum? Is Audiogon going to do something about it? 
Modifying Philharmonic 3 crossovers
Use Mills. Use same value CMR caps (although Reliable Capacitor Theta are my personal favorites). Don’t bypass. 
Tekton Impact Monitors vs Buchardt S300Mk2 and/or S400
There are several other Tekton threads on the front page of this forum. Why don’t you ask there? 
Any Tekton users in UK???
This is the fourth Tekton thread on the front page of the forum. You couldn’t ask this question in one of the other open threads?  
Facepalm, OP is talking about the new Confidence, not Contour. Confidence is not out yet, they’ve been delayed. No one has heard them at a dealer. 
Usher's 718 BE monitor: Is it competitive with other monitors of the same vintage ?
@audiotgesis what are you talking about? Usher stole the entire line of Scanspeak drivers and has been selling them for over a decade now. Usher is stealing from a reputable European manufacturer every single day. Screw them!  
How long does Tekton shipping take?
Usher's 718 BE monitor: Is it competitive with other monitors of the same vintage ?
Never support theft and fraud. Usher blatantly steals from other loudspeaker manufacturers and makes money. 
Linear tracking turntables, whatever happened?
Linear trackers kind of suck. So do unipivot tonearms.  
best mm/mc preamp under $200 and best mc cartridge under $500 for an SME 3009 S2 arm ?
Best phono preamp that I have ever heard and at any price (for both MM and MC) is the Micromega MyGroov. It regularly sells on eBay for under $200. I also have a Parasound JC3+ that I enjoy. Micromega is pure magic. Just to show how serious I am a... 
Vinyl Sleeves and Jackets
MOFI sleeves and nothing else. Ultrasonic cleaning is snake oil and actually makes records sound worse. 
If you love the Ortofon 2M Black, you'll really love...... (help me upgrade)
Vessel is a rebranded Excel cartridge from Japan. Same guys who make the Hana. Clearaudio MM cartridges are cheap Audio-Technica’s encapsulated in wood coverings. Ortofon 2M Black obliterates the above in every possible way.