Moderately priced DIN phono cable suggestions needed

Hi, all you analog guys, I want to replace my ancient phono interconnect for my Audioquest PT-5 tonearm(not sure which DIN orientation it has, maybe Jelco?).  This is on my also ancient AR ES-1 turntable, which still works fine.  I think I need about 1.5 meter length, unless that is long enough to cause audio quality problems.  I can't even remember what cable I currently have, but I think I kind of rigged it up back in the day.  The grounding cable is all frayed now.  Not sure if I need the straight DIN connector or the right angle one. 

I was thinking about the Audio Sensibility Impact SE at ~$230, but I'm sure there are other alternatives.  Any suggestions much appreciated.!/Impact-SE-Ang...
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Auditorium23, you‘ll be hard pressed finding better value for money in phono cables
I found the Audio Sensibility SE less detailed and open than the Jelco JAC501 which I use.
You seem unsure of the cable configuration so why not disconnect it and find out?
One option to consider is the Zavfino junction box which allows you to use any standard RCA interconnects that you like (and or want to experiment with). I have SOTA sapphire with the PT-6 tonearm which was originally wired with a Sumiko PIB junction box. I replaced it with the Zavfino when the Sumiko outer ground cabling wore out and it works great - currently use Analysis Plus cables but you can use any interconnects.
Went from Sumiko (Hello) stovk din to AudioQuest to Morrow improving with each step. Length is only critical for LOMC and may help for routing away from noise.
OP: Take Five Audio's Mogami phono cables are worth taking a look at. Gene's builds are on par with high end cable makers that charge considerably  more money than what he is charging, he list specs for his finished cables, and is always a pleasure to deal with.

@noromance, Jelco from my understanding used Mogami cable in their tonearms and cables, as do a few high end cable makers according to other posters.

Thanks all,
@noromance The turntable is in an enclosed rack right now and I was hoping not to have to remove it until I have the new cable and am ready to install it. I hoped someone here might have knowledge of the PT-5 tonearm and which DIN pattern it has.
@krameshmurthy Thanks for the tip on the Zafino junction box, will look into that.
@jeffrey75 I looked up the Take Five 2893 DIN to rca phono cable, looks very good. About the same price as the Audio Sensibility.

some tonearms need LONG din connectors, small diameter barrel,

to get in/up high enough in a narrow tonearm tube to connect. I would definitely check with tonearm manufacturer first, or, take it out of the rack, see for yourself.

i.e., this connector’s short shoulder design would not get thru the arm high enough,pid:12667615546723987542&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjRiKWWxfvvAhXiQ98KHXlfA8kQgwgItQU

I got this one, (scroll down, see RCA-5P version) based on my Blackbird Tonearm Maker’s recommendation. I think a bit over your budget, the point is, it fit the Blackbirds short tube, but the straight din end would not get up my Acos tonearm’s long tube.

Also, do you know the clearance from the bottom of the tube to the bottom of the Tt's feet? You might want/need a right angle version as I did with my Mission arm.

I ended up asking these people to make me a special: an rca/din cable using the long narrow din connector.

Very cooperative, just write and ask, I think mine sounds as good as the much more expensive Ortofon. Pick your color and length.

Even if any connector, fat, right angle ... will fit a short tube, you might want to ask for a price.
I spoke with Gene from Take Five.  He was super helpful and explained a lot of things I didn't know about tonearm cables.  He says his cable is very flexible, so that's good.  I can't seem to get hold of Vinyl Nirvana, but their site now shows to have one of their cables in stock. 
I have just recently posted on a 5 Pin Din > RCA Phono Cable Bake Off that I attended in 2019.
I have just pulled the email report to remind myself of the Cables in the Line Up, and immediate thoughts shared following the demonstrations.

Copper Cables were the most preferred by the attendees during this session.
Each Cable being demonstrated received a Play Time of Three Tracks.

The most expensive Cable was a Silver that was approaching £500 and the Zavfino Silver IC was the Second most expensive.
For the outlay the Yannis Tome OCC Silver with a Lilac Sheath was quite a nice performer, not too much forward projection and a good bass weight is remembered.    

There were Three Copper IC 's that were close in their presentations but each allowed a slight variation of the performances.

The System was a SME 20 > SME Series V > Transfiguration MC >
Pre is a Prometheus TVC > Graaf OTL > Quad ESL's.

The System owner chose the Black Rhodium 'Needle'.
I was more leaning to the Zavfino 'Cove and 'Mahone'.

I recommended the Zafino Copper Cables to a friend who has a fully refurbished SP10 MKII > Own Design Tonearm > Own Design Phonostage > fully refurbished Sansui SS Integrated > Speakers ??
After a period with the Zavfino Cable chosen, they stopped using it as it did not perform as they wished for.
Once more a Cable Trial on a Home System will produce the experiences to confirm if a cable choice is a good interface.

I've never heard of Zavfino, but they do look like a nice option at a reasonable price.  I looked on Black Rhodium's site and I don't see a 'Needle' cable.
the Black Rhodium was approximately £140, so was close to the 'Mahone' in retail value.

Zavfino sell DIN Plugs and their OCC Pin RCA Plugs at a fair price when comparing to other brands.
These as a further option to DIY could prove quite fruitful.
Do Note: The Yanis Tome was a Silver OCC and was quite impressive.
It could easily have the potential to win over a Weighty Bass Presentation.
The Other Silver Cables used on this occasion made noticeable changes to the Bass Notes, and pushed forward the Mid' and Highs.

Made to order. Straight or angle connector. Various RCA connectors. Different levels of wire. All specifications clearly posted on the website. Very nice indeed.