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After seeing Camac/RCA connectors sell on eBay for $60-$80 a pair, I figured there had to be a better way to buy them. I contacted the Swiss company Fischer - the original supplier to Mark Levinson of all the Camac connectors - to see if I could buy from them. After a couple of e-mails I was directed to a fellow named Joe Cusick in their Atlanta, GA. distribution office. Joe also laments the overpricing of their product. So he gave me permission to publish his contact information for anyone who needs Camac connectors or adapters. They will sell direct for orders over $100.00, or he may re-direct smaller orders to a subsidiary for shipment. Most of the connectors run $10 - $20 each, and he can provide you with a catalogue. You can reach Joe Cusick at Fischer Connectors Inc. by:

Phone - 1-800-551-0121 Extension 213
E-mail -
Fax - 1-770-352-0992

Their Web site is -

If you call, the switchboard operator may ask what company you represent. Just tell her that you are returning an e-mail message from Joe & she'll put you through. You might also mention to Joe that you got the info from me. :-) If anyone needs more info, or help selecting a connector or cable, you can also e-mail me at :

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I don't personally need these, but this is TERRIFIC information for the Audiogon community. Information that solves a problem and saves money.

Thanks for the post.
Thanks, this is great help!
What is the purpose of these connectors?
way to go Ed - great info. - thank you!
Jon p the purpose of connecters is, well, to connect. (-;
Seriously now, single ended ML gear does not use ordinary rca plugs and receptacles, but Camac or Fischer connectors, which are widely used in medical and hospital appliences.
This was EXECTLY the information I was looking for this evening. Thanks Ed!
JJ Benedict
Follow-up to Camac Info-
Hi guys- I received an e-mail from JJB (Thanks!) who said:

Ed, Today I talked to Joe Cusick at Fischer Connectors who was very helpful. Fischer unfortunately doesn't have a good mechanism for dealing with the small guys. He told me that the way to do this was by ordering through Second Source Electronics (800 777-9123, N.J. I think). Glenn McCreary at Second Source was also very helpful. They will take the orders, (you can pay by credit card). Then they place the order with Fischer and have the items dropped shipped wherever you want the pieces to go. Second Source adds on a small mark-up but its worth the convenience, for me at least. Thanks again for the original lead. I told Cusick that I heard about him and Fischer via you at the Audiogon site.

XCLN Audio Gentlement. Ed keep good work please.
I recently purchased a Levinson NO. 27 with CAMAC. I decided to build my own cables. You can buy the LEMO CAMAC connectors from Mouser in the USA. They're $25 each (2013). Shielded cable and RCA connectors together are less than $10 total for very good quality. I use RG-58 cable, the one that's used for outdoor antennas, very well shielded. With a little skill with the soldering iron, you can have your own custom length RCA to CAMAC line level cables. Total cost is about $70, including shipping. You'll save $50 or more per pair over the eBay price and have much better quality.
Thanks! for sharing.