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Naim Uniti Star Or Nova? Or....
Having owned lots of Naim over the years, I'd probably go for a Hegel.   
Dedicated transport or CD player as transport?
@mahler123 - "I was wondering if anyone has experience using an Oppo 105 or 205 as a CD transport vs a dedicated CD transport—let’s say the Cambridge."I do, with a 105.  (Hey, what else is there to do during lockdown?)  It was . . . fine.  I'd sa... 
Dedicated transport or CD player as transport?
I have a CXC.  It's reasonably good, particularly for the money.  However - I think it's in over its head in my main system, where it feeds a Naim nDAC/Pardo XPS.  My Exposure 3010S2 CD player, used just as a transport, is noticeably better - more... 
Is there a Solid State amp that can satisfy a SET guy?
The short answer to the OP’s question is no.  And for the OP to ask means he already knows. 
Acoustic Energy 2 Integrated Amp Suggestions
The Exposure sounds excellent and is well-built.  Their communication has been terrific also (I have some of their separates).  It's been quite a while since I heard AE2s, but I think the Expo would match with them very well.   
Acoustic Energy 2 Integrated Amp Suggestions
I'd try an Exposure 3010S2D or a Belles Aria.   
Lively, fast & open sounding integrated under 3k?
Exposure 3010S2D.  Excellent sounding, well-built, will last a long time. 
Really need some help finding a full range speaker
Three brands to consider:Vandersteen, as mentioned above.ProAc - work beautifully with CJ tubes.  Monitor Audio - Gold 200 or 300.  I have GX300s that I got for ~$1600; if you can find a 4th or 5th gen set of Gold 300's I'd do that - and they'll b... 
Switch from AB to D
Try a PS Audio S300. 
Buy a new CD transport?
If it still works, and you're happy with how it sounds, I'd leave it.  I have a Naim nDAC, with a Teddy Pardo XPS power supply, and it's easy to tell the difference from transport to transport.  I use an Exposure 3010S2 CD player as the transport,... 
Belles Virtuoso power amp
@jtweed - "I’ve been waiting to pull the trigger on an integrated amp for just shy of 3 years."As we'd say in the Army, it's time to get up or go home.   
Which one to choose between two 80K$ tube amps?
FFS, flip a coin.   
@jeffvegas - Of those 3, I'd get the 335.   
Which wire has biggest impact?/
Millercarbon got it right - whichever one is the worst.  If they're all the same, I'd start with the interconnect between the source and the preamp, then the preamp to poweramp, then speaker cable.   
Belles Virtuoso power amp
Enjoy!I had a Belles 350A Ref.  Good amp.  I suspect the newer ones are even better.