listening in the dark?

Is listening in the dark better?

Scientific research shows that people in the dark can hear significantly better. Senses always ‘fight’ for the brain’s attention. By removing vision, the ears are given more processing power, as it were, to digest sound. As a result you hear more details, you experience a greater sense of space and a greater sense of 3D. A scientific study says: “Closing the eyes affects the style of attending to auditory stimuli by modifying the perceptual relationship with the environment without changing the stimulus itself.”

What do you do?
I'd still enjoy the luxury of vision:-) can't you?
..not to mention that power spikes and RFI's are often much lower at night...
I enjoy listening in the dark. The less visual distraction the better. And this is why I find it annoying that so many designers put bright blue LEDs in their equipment.
I enjoy listening in the dark or at least with my eyes closed - otherwise I start staring at the walls, then the mind wanders off in all sorts of directions. With the headset on it is a no-brainer because I am asleep before the third track.
I do not worry about it. i have listened to music for enjoyment for 45 years. That is every day, at least part of the day. My mind is really rewired to listen to music.
It is like the music part is really wired in. the rest just runs around the outskirts...
So dark, light, whatever, the music is center stage in there full time.
Thinking is peripheral.

I enjoy listening to music in a darkened room as well. I keep the lights dimmed low and have all the displays on my MOON gear off at all times, less distraction and more connection to the musical event
What do I do? Well, I try to avoid "scientific research" telling me what to do. Scientific research once showed that the world was flat and that witches should be burned at the stake.

But I like listening in the dark so that I don't have to catch my big gut out of the corner of my eye, or have my attention drawn to the paintings in my listening room. On the other hand, I sometimes have trouble finding my martini. Then again "scientific research" has found that alcohol dulls the senses, so there you go again.
If I could stay awake, I'd listen in the dark and enjoy the glow of tubes. As it is, conscious listening sessions tend to last longer with lights on.
What about this gizmo that made a bit of press recently?

While I do not limit my listening to the dark, it is most certainly true that depriving yourself of one of your five senses heightens the others.
The aquarium between my speakers is too beautiful to not look at while I listen-especially when the rest of the house is dark. Don't bother with comments about it destroying my imaging or S/N ratio-I've had a five foot long aquarium in between my speakers for over 35 years everywhere I've lived and never had a second thought about it. Many of my fish last longer in my living room than hifi components-no fish swapping!
I prefer listening in a darkened room for soundstage maximization. Like Elizabeth, I will listen intently whenever I get the chance,but for me the real magic happens when the instruments reveal themselves in a coherent way that appears to transcend the system that reproduces the performance.
Interesting. I prefer CORRECT (for me) lighting. I find that certain subtle localized (as opposed to overhead) lighting greatly enhances the listening experience. Particularly when I want to get my audiophile jollies.
I agree 100% and have done this for years. Try this to and I'm not joking,take a gatefold LP, open it and rest in on your shoulders behind your head so the album jacket creates a wall behind your ears and sit in your sweetspot between your music. Tell me you don't hear more detail and ambiance in the music.
There's only one thing I like and that's listening in the dark.
Metralla: I am going to develop my own version of the Music Mask, which I will call the Soundstage Expansion aXiom. At a reduced cost of $39.99 and an irresistible acronym, it will sell in the hundreds.
I agree 100%. Less distractions which lead to more focus on the music, not the system.
I totally agree that listening in the dark is preferable MOST of the time. I think one can get a better sense of the stage and for some reason ( apparently psycho-acoustic) one hears small details better. OTOH, when it is time to flip that darn 45rpm LP, you better get up and know what NOT to trip over to get to the light switch!
I agree to the dark room thing. It leaves less distraction for the senses, more for imagination, more preceptable soundstage, less RF at night, seems more holographic and easier to get lost in the music, I can pretend that those pretty little lights on my gear are really the sound equipment a darkened live concert and most of all, its more fun!
I also prefer dark, when possible. Even to the point of preferring equipment wherein the display can be turned off. I call that running the system "dark."
Well of course the light waves interact unfavorably with the sound waves...
Seriously, I often close my eyes when I'm listening "seriously." There is the danger of slipping away for a moment and coming back and realizing I missed something but it's all good.
When I indulge with pot and listen to Masters of Rock with closed eyes, I feel like I'm on the stage with PF.
For critical listening, not a bad idea.
Have you tried looking at your tubes glow while wearing earplugs? Magical.
I concur. I always do my critical listening between midnight & 6am. This is especially important for those poor souls who live in one of our major U.S. cities (on the grid).
I am fortunate not to live on the grid. Still, there are discernible difference(s) between daylight & night light listening. Happy Listening (in the dark)!
Buconero117: That makes sense to me but I find that my mood or excitement of listening to a new lp or preconceived notion of how a brand new lp may sound affects my listening experience much more. (All of this may be in the same ballpark though) However, late at night, listening with the lights on just doesn't get it.
Sex is better with the lights on, listening to music is better with the lights off or dimmed
I've just got the idea of advantages being in the Middle of Nowhere. In other cases I'd prefer grid(with all disadvantages applied).