Linn LP12 Turntable; Motor Speed Problem

I'm asking this question for my father. He has a Linn LP12 turntable that needs professional help. He lives in PA, roughly 45 minutes from Philadelphia. He's not opposed to shipping, just thought there might be someone he could drive it to.

The board is no longer regulating motor speed. I hear that this is a common occurrence.

Any reputable person/place would be greatly appreciated.
One of the best people in the country to work on Linn's is Rick Duplisea at Audio Alternative in Fort Collins, Colorado.

He has been a Linn dealer for almost 40 years and knows more about them than just about anyone.

Your dad will have to ship the table, but Rick can return it in perfect shape.
I forget exactly where The Cable Company is in PA, but they may be within driving distance.

I can also recommend Rick from AA. I went skiing and got lost, so I pulled in to ask for directions and he sold me a pair of Vandersteen's.
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The capacitors in the old Linn Valhalla boards are starting to fail. The good news is that these boards can be rebuilt. It would be better to ship just the board than the whole table as long as you are confident that the board is the problem.
rebuilt board will never hurt for the beginning and worth taking chance
Another satisfied customer of Rick Duplisea here. Definitely give him a call.
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I would look into a DC drive and a new belt.