Proceed PDT problem

I posted it at Audio Asylum. And got advise from kind Busybusy, not exact one though. I consider to ship my PDT to a dealer. Days ago, my Proceed PDP processor made a clicking sound with front panel 'emphasis' light blingking, and with sampling frequency display trembling, blingking llike 96 (it supposed to be 44kHz). Horrible noise purged to the speakers. The PDT transport likely produced bad signals. The PDT-PDP were connected by Madrigal HPC cable. What had happened with my cd player system? Any possible fix before letting it go to the dealer for the money? Really appreciate for your advise..
Would be a good idea to first check all cable connections for cleanliness & tightness of fit, including your AC power. Also wiggle things a bit to see if you can locate any defective / marginal connections & while you're at it, go over everything once again with Kontact cleaner & pipe cleaners (you know the drill - right?). Refer to Galen Carol Audio site advice in that regard if you're unfamiliar.
Failing that you also you might take a peek under the covers for any loose connections, IC's not firmly seated in sockets, etc.
Check all connections. I have a Proceed CD player and D/A converter. I use Proceed-Madrigal Gel interconnects.