Pathos Logos - Volume control problem

Posting for a friend.
Turned the power on, and once ready to go.
Just touch the volume control from zero to the first notch up and the volume starts blasting (at almost full gain)!
Have to immediately power down to avoid any possible damage on the speakers.

Anyone any suggestions on what I should do? other than sending the unit out to the dealer for service. Would appreciate any input.

You need to list the whole system. The other components may play a factor. Also list exactly how everything is connected.
oppo bdp83
connected to micromega dac via coaxial digital
pathos amplifier via unbalance connection
apogee slant 6 speakers

no phono in the amplifier
Is this a new amp, or is it new to your friend? Could there be a unity gain input he is inadvertently using?
I was thinking that you may have a combo of a very efficient speaker and a high gain source, or maybe even using a phono preamp by mistake. Given that you have no phono input and your speakers are anything but efficient, I'm not sure what the problem is. You may have a problem with your amp. Try using a different input on your amp, and also a different source. The Oppo by itself, without the DAC will be OK for a different source.
This just happened, its been working normally all these while so....will try a different input without the dac and see. thanks
Hi Rapogee
yesterday I had exactly the same problem. The system was working fine until the other day.
how did you resolve the issue.
appreciate any help from you or others.

To Rapogee,

I also encountered the same volume control problem for my pathos. Mind to share how to resolve it?

To everyone,

Anybody can help? I encountered the same issue that rapogee faced.


That to me suggests the volume is an encoder and it is not working correctly.    I used to be in the biz and the place I worked for had a product that did the same thing .   We would open up the volume encoder, clean the grease out , put it back together and problem resolved

Thank you for your advice, oddiofly. But I don't think it helps. Cleaning is good for those who encountered noises when turning up the volume. In my case,  when I turned the volume from zero to step one ( I believe it has about 50 steps), it turned out to be crazily loud. I believe the issue is more of collaboration. Hope someone can help. 

Take the battery out of the remote control and do not use far that worked for me.