plinius 8200 vs. pathos logos

I am currently using plinius 8200 driving dynaudio speakers.
I am considerring upgrade to pathos logos integrated. Anyone had an oppurtunity to hear either of these integrateds? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

This does not answer your question, but I am torn between MF A308 and Pathos Logos to drive a pair of Dyn Special 25's I am about to buy. I would also consider the Plinius 8200 but it's not available in my country. I'd appreciate it if you could drop me a note if you get a feedback on your post, and esp. if you have settled on any amp. Which Dyns do you have? Do you think Logos would have enough juice to drive the 25's (4 ohm, 88 db sensitivity).
Thanks and good luck with your purchase.
The plinius 8200 is rated @ 175watts and drives my dynaudios without any trouble. My dynaudios are an 8 inch two way kit from madisound in the US, with heavily modified crossovers.
the pathos logos is rated @ 110 watts which doubles to 220 into 4 ohms. It has dual transformers and a heavy duty power supply. My guess is that it would not have any trouble driving the dynaudios. if I purchase the pathos i will let you know how it does mated with the dynaudios.
Get the Pathos Logos. You won't be disappointed!
I have heard Logos driving Dynaudio 1,3 Special Edition 86 db
very succesfully
I also have Logos in my setup driving Neat Acoustics Ultimatum
MF7 speakers 89 db with perfect result
I shortly say that Pathos Logos is the only integrated amp which betters so many well known seperates without price ratio
Feel free to ask detail by mail if you want
Best regards