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Good and bad w/ replacing stock preamp jumpers?
What? And kill the audio aftermarket? Same applies for automobiles. Yes, I agree with you but why should audio companies pony up for more expensive cabling when chances are you will? If you're willing to lay down $2,800 for the integrated you will... 
Bluenote Stibbert vs. Electrocompaniet 1-UP
Try a Krell CDP. That will get rid of the warm lush sound! 
Power Amp for Hyperion 938
How about Hyperion's tube mono amps? 
Best Rock Drummers
1. Neil Peart 2. John Bonham 3. Terry Bozzio 4. Stuart Copland 5. Lars Ulrich 
I'm Looking For the Best
Dibs on his old equipment!!!!!!!!!! 
What bests the Consonance Droplet
Bluenote Stibbert Tube Mk.II version. 
amp advice
Parasound JC1s. 
Bluenote Stibbert mkII versus Gamut Cd-1
I owned the CD1 and auditioned the Stibbert in my house. IMO, the Stibbert is most definitely a big step up from the CD1. YMMV, that is why you should try to listen to the Stibbert in your own system if possible. 
I just cant see the Stibbert (improved tube version anyway)sounding "sterile." It may have been associated equipment, etc. but on my dealer's mega buck system and most importantly, my much more humble one it was the antithesis of sterile. Dynamic,... 
O.K., I'll throw in my $.02. I just auditioned the Stibbert MkII tube version and it's little brother, the Koala in my home today. The Koala is competetive at it's $2,200 asking price. A good "bang for the buck" player, but it's big brother, the S... 
Full-range Floorstanders: Can you recommend?
I owned the Soliloquy 6.5s and they are a great speaker, but I sold them for a pair of Hyperion 938s. IMO, they are better in every aspect than the Soliloquys, are just as efficient and can be had used for around $2,500. The Soliloquys are monster... 
Best used amp in the $1500 range
I would be looking into a Parasound A21. You could find one for under $1,500 used. 250 watts, 60 amps peak current per channel will be more than enough power. 
Car Audio
Dynaudio, MB Quart, Infinity and Focal make fantastic component car audio speakers. Genesis(England) make very high end amps and speakers. Try Mr. Peter Lufrano if I remember correctly and ask his advice. Not sure if his advi... 
Revel studio or B&W 802 Nautilus
I second the Studios. 
ACI Jaguar / LFM
I auditioned the Jaguar part of this combo and IMO, I found it to be a tad on the bright side. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't give them a shot. Could have been system synergy, room, etc. I did return them though.