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Queen any one ???
The gold discs are sonically superior than the regular CDs. I love Live Killers, but it was recorded so poorly, I don't listen to it very often but Freddie's talent still comes through. What a voice he had! Add Killer Queen, Jazz and News of the W... 
Audio as a hobby
I love hiking to high mountain lakes here in Colorado and flyfishing for Cutthroat and Brook trout. There's just something about being at 13,000 feet and having a lake all to yourself. Unfortunately it is a seasonal hobby. I definitely spend much ... 
Something More Efficient than Revel Studios?
If you ever heard the Avantgarde Unos or Duos, I think you would forget about the luxurious wooden cabinets. I know I have! Granted, the Avantgardes visually are an aquired taste but looks ain't everything. I heard both the Revels and the Avantgar... 
What do you think about Marsh amps?
I owned a Marsh A200s and thought it was a great amp. Solidly built and IMO sonically superior to anything in it's price range. Very smooth top end for solid state. I don't think you could go wrong with either the 400 or the 200. 
Kharma or Avalon
I agree wholeheartedly with S2k dude. If you're going with either the Avalons or the Kharmas I would seriously consider replacing the Aragon. In my experience, Both are fantastic speakers but only when partnered with the right electronics. If you'... 
Anyone heard the new Sony SACD player?
Guys,Thanks much for the info. I think I will be buying the Sony. Lorne, you'll have to let me know what the mods did for it.Doug 
Digital front end for Bryston/Thiels??
How much are you looking to spend? 
best dealer to buy a avalon speaker
There is no denying John Barnes of Audio Unlimited has put together an unbelievable set up with the Accuphase/Boulder/Eidolon. The room this combo is in is state of the art as well. Absolutely amazing. I only wish they would have had a pair of Opu... 
Avalon or ProAc?
1. Avalon Eidolon. They should be #1 considering the $100k worth of gear they were hooked up to, but the best combo I have ever heard. Absolutely amazing!2. Avantgarde Duo. Unbelievable clarity and soundstage plus great bass. 103 dB sensitivity, 8... 
Avalon or ProAc?
Art,The reason I am using my "intellect" is that the only Avalon dealer in Colorado doesn't have the particular Avalon model that I am interested in. That is why I was asking about things like imaging, soundstaging and bass response. Anyway, I wen... 
Best speaker with tubes?
I would have to go with the Avantgardes. 15 watts can make these babies sing. 
Best Male Singers of the 20th Century
As far as "crooners" go, I would say Tony Bennett. R&B/Soul, Marvin Gaye without a doubt. In rock I would give it to Freddie Mercury. If I had to choose one, it would be Freddie. The guy was on another level IMO. 
Best female vocals on CD
Old school-Etta James. Country-Patsy Cline. Sixties-Janis Joplin. Seventies-Anne Wilson/Stevie Nicks. Eighties-Pat Benatar/Kate Bush. Nineties-Allison Krauss/Sarah McClaughlin. 2000+-Christina Aguilera. Take your pick. My personal fave is Anne Wil...