Pathos Acoustics LOGOS: need your advise

I have the chance to get a new Pathos Acoustics LOGOS for a really nice price. I would like to have as much information as I can on this integrated. It will drive a pair of Sonus Faber Cremona (the source is the Meridian 508.24).

1. First of all, how does it compares to the Pathos Twin Towers? On one hand, it does not have the INPOL circuitry. On the other hand, the LOGOS has 110W and the TT only 35W. In your opinion, which one is better?
2. Dynamics: is it fast, like all the integrated Plinius?
3. Soundstage: wide and open like the Jeff Rowland Concentra II?
4. Bass: deep and strong enough or week, maybe boomy?

Again, all the information on the LOGOS is more than welcome. Thanks.
I have very briefly heard the Logos, but caveta: in an unfamiliar system. That said, I think the general character falls in between the Twin towers, which I own, and the version one of the Classic One.

Not as warm and rich as the TT's, but still seemed far from pure solid state sound. I would imagine it should mate very well with the Cremonia's, depending on room size and type and volume level of music.

The TT's have good bass extension and control for a 35 watter, and the Classic One seemed to have the same, so i'd say the Logos would keep int he family for that.

Can't say for sure on soundstaging; in my home, my room stinks, so I don't get much stage outside the speakers.

When I heard the Logos (again, very brief), it was with ZTotem floorstanders, eithe the Forest or Hawk, don't remember. Dynamics were very good, Totems can be very alive, and the Logos seemed to drive them very well.

Sorry I couldn't be more specific on the Logos itself, but I hope I've helped somewhat....

Good luck, whatever you choose.
I have the TT which I easily prefer to the LOGOS. I also own the Cremonas but do not use them with the TT as the TT manual (as do the reviews) warn against using it with speakers with an impedence of less than 5 to 6 ohms. The TT needs to face an impedence of a nominal 8 ohms. Apparently it is the INPOL circuitry which dictates this and the TT has no protection circuitry. I have assumed the same for the LOGOS but I wasn't in a position to read it's manual

I use my TT with a pair of B&W CDM 1 NT's (overkill I know)which have a nominal impedence of 8 ohms. These are the speakers I used when I demoed the LOGOS and it sounded great but some way behind the TT I felt.

Over the past few weeks I have been toying with hooking up the TT to the Cremonas but have not as yet. The impedence issue aside everything points to a potentially great combination - with both the TT and LOGOS. I am going to contact Pathos Acoustics to hear what they have to say and if you don't do the same I would advise caution. As a matter of interest - what does your dealer say?
Hi smp

Yes, reviewing the specs, the TT needs to face an impedence of a nominal 8 ohms. So it's not suited to drive the Cremonas which are 4 ohms. But not the Logos, which delivers 220w for 4 ohms speakers.

But, I really would like to ear a bit more from you on the Logos: dynamics, soundstage, bass and, most of all, air.

tgm,sorry for rambling on about impedences - I totally missed your mention of the LOGOS not having INPOL circuitry, which until now I thought it had - hence my useless response.

I believe that the LOGOS would really be worth a try on your Cremonas.In my medium sized room on the B&W's (which are only two way)the LOGOS was great. As Chams says not a solid state sound, bass and dynamics were very good but I felt that the TT was more liquid with a better (marginally)soundstage.Where I thought the TT was significanty better was the area of air and resolution particularly on voices.