Pathos logos strong enough to drive winds?

Im looking at Pathos integrated amp and im wondering if it will strong enough to drive my Totem Winds properly. Any feed back would be greatly appreciated. And any other integrated that compares would be a plus.
The Logos doubles down from 110 wpc @ 8 ohms to 220 wpc @ 4 ohms so it produces some current. But with the Winds being 4 ohm speakers and inefficient I'd say you definitely need more current and power to drive them optimally. That is, if you want to get all they have to offer. Personally I'd prefer more power and current for them, and almost everything I've read about them confirms this. No personal experience however. But I've always been interested in these speakers and could own a pair today but made a different choice. Good luck with yours.
Auditioned Pathos with my Helicon 300s. I listen to percussion and the amp
was not dynamic enough for me.

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If you can go without a hybrid you may want to consider trying the Wyred 4 Sound integrated; plenty of power and current there. In the price range of the Logos too.
I find this frustrating because when i ask the dealers how the Pathos performs with the winds they all tell me that its more then adequate to drive the winds i have right now. I dont necessairely want a hybrid but i was considering it because of the reputation that pathos has. I have found a bryston bp 26 with dac at a very good price and would just need to find a good deal on a 4b sst and i think i would be happy having already heard the 4b sst on my system but wasnt hooked up on the bp 26 and can just imagine how much better it would be.
I feel your pain. This can be a very frustrating (hobby, passion, obsession, love affair? I mean of course the love of music)... The expense involved when you make a mistake can make this experience all the more frustrating. Personally I've made my share of mistakes. You can always buy the Logos (negotiate the best price you can) and resell it possibly at very little loss if it does not drive the Winds well.
Just be careful when dealing with dealers...I'm sure most of them are very honest people but at the end of the day they need to sell. If you ask speaker dealer (who doesn't carry amps) what amp to use, you might get honest recommendation as to which way to go. You ask an amp dealer, if the amp they have are good enough for your speakers, 99% of time you'll get "yes" answer...BTW, I've never heard Winds speakers, but heard great things about them, and yes, that they need a lot of power...are they more on a warm side or cold? That should determine which amp to buy. If they're fairly cold, I'm sure McIntosh, Pass Labs 150, and host of others might work, if they're a bit too warm, Simaudio Moon Evolution i-7, certain Musical Fidelity and others might work too...
I don't have Winds, but with the Totem Hawks, I found that Bryston equipment didn't bring out the best. The sound was a little on the grating side, whether it be vinyl or CD. Mind you, I had a 3BST at the time. That being said, I did hear the Winds at the Montreal audio show, and they were using big Bryston power amps, and it sounded good - but that was in an extremely dampened room.

Amps that I've heard that sound good and full of life with Totem speakers include Simaudio and Plinius.

If you email Totem directly, they'll recommend their preferred amps with the Wind. That should steer you a bit more honestly than a salesman would.
Thanks for your reply coutingbackwards. I was also at the Montreal CES show, and first was not really impressed with there set up. But came back later and gave it a second try and it was better. Although i must say that room was waayyyyyyyyyyyyy to big for there set up and some how the winds got lost in there and lost some of its charisma it usualy has. My dealer has the winds hooked up on some Mc 501's and man do they ever sound good there. But 10'gs just for amps? i cant afford that for the moment. But i will do what you said and contact someone i know personaly at totemaccoustics. Thanks for your reply,
After much pondering i believe i have come to a decision and will order the new New Audio Research vsi-60. I was really impressed with the power and precision it has. Hopefully it will be enough power for my winds and make them sing properly. I have a 30 day grace periode the dealer is giving me to try it out.
Well after much debate i have made up my mind. I will be stearing away from the tubes just because of lack of power. I have opted to go with a Bryston Bp 26 with dac incorporated and Bryston's 4b sst square. Thanks for all the patients and knowledge to the forums on audiogon. I should get the 4B sst in about 2 weeks and will keep you updated. Thanks again to everyone.
Exposure 3010 will drive winds beautifully . It's cheap too
This thread was about power and getting the best out of the speakers. How about how the amp SOUNDS and how it can convey the soul of music? In my humble opinion, The Pathos Logos is above everything other amp mentionned here by far. Class A tube preamp up top, with iron-fisted solid state design below. Every single review out there glowing, but it is when you finally sit down and listen to this marvel that you will "get it".

Which would you rather have? An amp that gets the power issue right but misses out on the goosebump factor or an amp that may miss slightly on power yet produces emotion in spades? And by the way, the Logos at 110 watts is no sloutch.

Lastly, the Pathos design looks like a true work of art, (as one of the reviews says, "it's so Italian it hurts''). In my book, and at the price those toys go for, looks count.