Pathos Amps

Trying to decide on, if I should get two (as bridged) Pathos Classic III's or the Pathos Logo? Would one be a better sonic choice?

They would be driving Final 1000i's and two Martin Logan Depth subwoofers.
I listen to jazz, small scale classical and instrumentals.

I have a Pro-Ject 10.2 turntable, Blackbird Cartridge and Pathos DigIT Cd Player.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!
From memory, the Classic runs in Class A and the logos class A/B. It is the amp below the TT in the Pathos pecking order.I have been using the Inpol2, which is the parallel amp to the Logos, in the Pathos range, which also runs in Class A. I found it very significantly better than the Logos. In general, it is my view that Pathos class A amps sound much better than the A/B ones. That is assuming that your speakers are sensitive enough to cope with the lower power output
Have said it before on this site. I've used Pathos integrates in mono-block mode for several years with Sonus Faber Cremora M speakers. Its been a great combo for me and I would recommend mono-blocking the Pathi to anyone that is able to. I listen to mainly classical and jazz.
David12 - I believe that the Classic runs in class A for the pre-amp, but in AB for the power amp. It is not pure class A power. I believe the same is true of the logos, although I am not as familiar with it.

The TT is only 35 watts and it may be pure class A power using the Inpol design.