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Will the SME 10A take a 12 inch tonearm?
Thank you, Mod would not be of interest for me but if SME makes a sub chassis mounting board specifically design to accommodate their 12 inch tonearms, I would be interested in using the SME V-12 on it hence the question. Thank you again R  
Reterminating older MIT 750 CVT Speaker cable to a shorter length - Can this be done?
Thank you gents for the responses. I noticed its only on one of the ends of each cable. These are original MIT 750 CVT factory terminated and has not been tampered with ever.So shorting the cable from 8 feet to 4 feet on the end without the resist... 
Bel Cantos Users Out there, have you tried Shunyata Power Units.......?
So here is the story, Powercord from wall straight into Shunyata PS8 and Bel Canto's into PS8 ** Problem (volume control was in mute)Bel Canto plugged straight into the wall - GoodBel Canto into "other" Power Conditioner - GoodTried everything, si... 
Shunyata Venom PS8 - Loud Buzz - How much current..........?
Hmmm thanks for that input, you could be correct but its still bizarre and might have to probe more on that, thank you much 
Custom Plating for amplifier faceplate......any possible problems
Thank you! 
Custom Plating for amplifier faceplate......any possible problems
Custom Plating for amplifier faceplate......any possible problems
Here you go!!https://imgur.com/CI88MHZ 
Custom Plating for amplifier faceplate......any possible problems
Thank you all for your updates in helping me on this, when can I post a pic so that all of you can see this :) It turned out like a "million bucks". Thank you everyone and works just fine. 
Custom Plating for amplifier faceplate......any possible problems
Ok, that is definitely good to know. If anyone has any other thoughts, please feel free to share. Thanks 
Klyne SK-2
If you still need info, contact merapogee@hotmail.com 
Audience Au24 - Are these considered low impedance type cables?..........Spectral user :)
Thank you kindly for the response, well I have contacted them and also received some feedback from Spectral including Audience, not recommended as advised by both parties. I will be sticking with MIT for this venture, thanks 
Whats playing on your system today?
Eastern Journey - Biddu Orchestra from the Futuristic JourneyOriginal 1978 Columbia Pressing UK 
Just saw Jesse Cook...yeaow!
Good performer for sure, he lead me to others like Ottmar Liebert, Struz and Farah, Moraito Chico......glad for your encounter. 
Spectral DMC 6/ 12 with Phono - Owners would truly appreciate your reponse
Got it, thanks for the personal responses, very thoughtful.Yup a simple screwdriver will do it easily. Thanks 
Power conditioner , Re-generator.....for Spectral DMA 150 / 180 Power amplifiers
I would probably have to do that, just wanted to know if there were Spectral users doing this as part of their set up.Previously I have much larger units (physically) like the Krell FPB 600 and that was never an option, it must go directly into th...