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Brinkmann TT with an SME arm - any experiences?
I have the Bardo matched with and SME 4.5. Superb results. I called a while ago and spoke to Helmut and they actually custom cut the arm board to match the SME 4.5 I have. 
Pathos Logos - Volume control problem
This just happened, its been working normally all these while so....will try a different input without the dac and see. thanks 
Pathos Logos - Volume control problem
oppo bdp83 connected to micromega dac via coaxial digitalpathos amplifier via unbalance connectionapogee slant 6 speakersno phono in the amplifier 
Best integrated tube amp for Audiophysic Virgo 3?
I am actually using this is a fairly small room, kind of close and toed well as suggested by Audiophysic and getting good results with a hybrid but prefer lush and warmth for this system. 
Best integrated tube amp for Audiophysic Virgo 3?
Yes I would prefer integrateds, it funny that the dealers say a small tube integrated amp will work well with this pair. They said old good integrated as will should be included *I am looking at a 50 watt tube amp and one that is not from the far ... 
Wilson Sasha vs Meridian DSP 7200?
A new answer for al old question, Neutrality!!!!!!!!!!! 
Sutherland PhD Phono Preamp owners - Settings for.
Thanks, 45db is the only gain that works.All others give a serious distortion in the signal.Appreciate the input 
Ayre Phono P5xe settings low / Med / High ?
Thanks, and yes the loading is set for 47k.I will probably give the medium setting a go and see what happens. Appreciate the feedback. 
Cartridge for my system? Your wisdom is needed
I actually have a Grado at the moment, and for years before have been a Grado fan. I am thinking of something new since there are plenty of choices. Surprisingly enough with the advise provide by some of you adn with respect to all, I did the find... 
Wilson Audio Sophia I & Krell KSA 50S Amp
Yes it will, I had both of those products in my past experiences but not simultaneously. They vary more than a decade based on design and evolution.I have used the FPB600's with the Sophia as well and did achieve good results. I unfortunately real... 
Suggestions on a neutral and powerful integrated..
Tmsorosk....have you heard the new AX-5 integrated by Ayre? Please share if you had the experience. I would be very curious to see how it sounds compared to the Ayre AX-7. I have tried the Ayre AX-7 a while ago and its a very good little amplifier... 
Suggestions on a neutral and powerful integrated..
No one has suggested the Mcintosh MA7000, any takes? 
Suggestions on a neutral and powerful integrated..
BMC C1 amplifer is an interesting one as well.Not sure of the overall presentation, I must audition this as well. 
Suggestions on a neutral and powerful integrated..
This is the VITUS:http://www.vitusaudio.com/en/80002-RI-100 
Suggestions on a neutral and powerful integrated..
There is definitely some good suggestions and thanks. I am looking at the DartZeel 8550 and Boulder 865 and even considering the ARC DSI200 since I have access to one.