problem with preouts on CA 840a v2

i just got a new (used) sub that i tried connecting to my preouts on my cambridge audio 840a v2 integrated amp. i'm certain i have it connected properly to the sub (dynaudio 250). i don't get a signal. the gain on the sub is on, and i believe the other settings on the sub are correct.

also, i hooked my ipod up to the sub and the subs works, so i don't think the problem is with the sub.

any ideas? anyone with the CA 840 have this problem?

i can now answer my own post. i tried connecting the sub to the tape-in inputs on the amp, which are right next to the preouts, and now i get sound out of the sub. so cambridge audio wired the thing wrong. next i'll have to test whether the preouts in fact work as the tape inputs, except i'll likely never get a tape player.

hopefully this post will be useful to someone else with a CA 840a that encounters this problem.
Glad you figured it out, although that is quite strange. If you bought your Cambridge from an authorized dealer I would definitely take it back regardless of how long ago you bought it.
correction, it was not the 'tape in' jacks, it is the 'tape out' jacks that give me a signal. so, i guess i probably should be getting a signal from the tape out jacks, but maybe i shouldn't be attaching my subwoofer to these jacks? i still get no signal from the preout jacks.

i will call audiopluss services monday. i did buy from an authorized dealer, but getting the amp fixed will mean boxing it up and mailing it. pain.