klipsch speakers

hi everyone. my son is looking for a pair of these speakers old or new that will sound the loudest. he has a carver receiver that has 250 watts a chjanell. he likes his sound super loud. doesn't matter about accuracy. anybody out there have any advice?
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Most Klipsch speakers will accommodate that desire. The model he would choose would depend upon how large his room is. If it's an average size, Heresy or Forte would be good. He won't need all of that power though.
Caution! You are entering the hearing loss zone! 
When it's gone, it don't come back...
Sure, he can buy my vintage Heresy's in raw birch finish! I already have too many speakers! PM me!
If you hate your neighbors then buy him a set of klipsch chorus and don’t mind permanent hearing loss
If all you are interested in is loud, buy him some Cerwin vegas.  Most klipsch speakers (especially heritage) are too high quality for what you propose. IOW, you would be wasting them on such a chore. Keep in mind that a pair of fortes or klipschorn will beat most contenders in their respective categories even today.
I agree with Ozzy. If volume is all that matters, Cerwin Vegas will fit the bill nicely, probably on the cheap as well. While Klipsch can certainly play loud, they are a more "musical" speaker that I have a certain reverence for. Certainly, if you could find a Craiglist bargain, go for it. Klipsch (depending on the model) will reward him with volume and fidelity...
Izzy is spot on. Cerwins are loud and cheap. He’s really not deserving of kliosch speakers. 
I favor Klipsch (horned) for low power amps bcos they have excellent sensitivity...

Younger people like bass, get a 14" SVS sub and some cheapish full range floor standers and they'll be happy.
He would dig Cerwin  Vegas....big 12 drivers....nice
you don't need lots of power for Klipsch speakers.  they are really efficient.  a used pair will suit him just fine.  

But I do agree with the others.  Hearing loss is no joke and young people think they are invincible and can't get hurt.  Same with knees.  once damaged, they don't heal.

I know many young people with permanent hearing loss.  

Glad we could revive this 2 yr old thread. If the guy hasn't bought speakers by now, it's probably not that important.