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Ken Bernacky has now had my Sony and Yamaha tuners for over 5 years. He took full payment for upgrading the Sony and has refused to return either of them. Avoid like the plague. He is a thief.
Five years is an extremely long time. What reasons, if any, has he given you for not returning your pieces, repaired or not?
I rather like their quixotic fight with both the Episcopal church and their town of East Hartford that they have chosen to immortalize on their website:

I am fascinated by folks that have more time on their hands than I do! Sometimes America is an amusing, and vexing, place to live. But I certainly love it here.
The interesting thing is that here in CT, Geno IS god.
I live in CT now and didn't know Geno was anything, in fact never heard of him?it before reading this thread. I do feel bad for Philiphill for the loss of his 2 tuners. Is there no way to get them back? I guess not if there was you would've done it.
Sorry to hear you got ripped off. But paying anyone up front, in full, before the work is done was your first mistake.
Bet you won't do that again.
Oh yeah, and never trust anyone that claims to be a god!
Time to take legal action,then kick ass!!
God Bless America and may god bless UofC with more victories!! Immortalize is right, 13 years past? It seems there must have been some good that came out of it for all, it's the way things work, either for or against and when it's equally divided it can get absurdly amusing in this case or equally disturbing when running a country is at stake.
A bit more information about your tuners and the story would've been helpful. It's very easy to disparage a small business in three sentences without giving a detailed and insightful explanation. And sometimes in anger we forget that those reading the post are not parties to the events that lead up to the incident at hand.

In the end, the internet is full of baseless and unreasonable accusations; in order to have yours given the weight that it deserves a full and comprehensive summary of events would be necessary. As it stands, there just is not very much here to go on.
Is your Yamaha one of the three they're trying to sell?

Seriously, I agree with Viridian, more information is necessary. There are usually two sides to a story, but in this case you haven't really filled us in on your side.
What are you talking about? It doesn't seem to relate to this thread. In fact, I can't make any sense of it.
Roxy, and also Paraneeer (I think, based on the last sentence of your comment), "Geno" refers to Geno Auriemma, the long-time and legendary coach of the University of Connecticut women's basketball team, who has led that team to 10 national championships, and numerous other appearances among the "final four" teams competing for that title. Keeping that in mind and taking a look at the link Viridian provided should clarify the meaning and the relevance of Tubegroover's comment. "13 years," btw, refers to the time between the events described in Viridian's link and the present time, during which many of the championships were achieved.

Marty (Viridian), thanks for providing the link. My wife particularly got a good chuckle out of it, as she has been a dedicated fan of Geno's teams for many years. I've become something of a fan as well, motivated in part by the continuing haplessness of the Knicks :-)

Philiphill, sorry to hear of this situation. I see that you are in the UK, which would certainly seem to add to the difficulty and perhaps impossibility of obtaining a satisfactory resolution. I note, btw, that a simple Google search will reveal several other people who have posted similar stories in various places on the Internet about their experiences with Mr. KB.

-- Al
Thanks All, I wasn't understanding that post at all. I appreciate the clarification.
Something wrong is going on with Stereo Surgeons. Website lists the same problem warning those who need repairs to proceed with caution, if at all.