Quality Stereo sound throughout home?

I want to have several sets of speakers in a couple or my rooms and want them to all run off a rotel RMB-1077 or similar but I want the best signal I can get. I know long spans of wire will limit the sound quality and I am ok with that but how can I add a volume control to each room without much sound quality loss? How can I split the pre/pro outs without getting signal loss? I plan on having this hook to my mains in the living room, a pair of smaller bookshelfs in Master bedroom, bookshelfs in the computer room, and a set of outdoors or possibly the garage. I prefer to have the source in one location or be able to use multiple sources from the one location so I can have the higher quality source and identical output through home. Right now I have a yamaha 5760 but it's on the upgrade plan soon... I'm assuming the source will be multisource capable (most likely a parasound C2). If I do this I will use balanced inputs for my mains and unbalanced for the rest. I know I could use impedance-matching volume controls but won't I get some sound degredation with these? Is there a better solution knowing that I want each channel powered by 1 channel of the RMB-1077? Would this be stereo? I haven't had the chance to look at the volume controls in person but I assume mono vs stereo which I want to avoid. If I can only get mono I may just do in ceiling but then is there an easy way to convert stereo to mono?

Thanks in advance!
Check out an impedance matching transformer
This is very simple if you use the hard drive on a computer as the source. Down load your favorite music onto the hard drive. As for the long runs use baluns and Cat 5 cable. There will be absolutely no degradation of audio.
The method I suggested the first time would only give you line level signal to each room. Parts express has numerous options for your problem.