Stereovox SEI II Direction

I bought a pair of used Stereovox SEI II IC, but I could not find any sign to indicate the current direction. Are there any current flowing directions for these cables or they are nondirectional?
The sound was not good comparing to my Golden Reference ICs. How long will it take for the cables to rebreak in or I missed some points when connected these cables.
Hi: Contact Kevin McGuire at the Sound Station (e-mail is [email protected]) or call 918-336-2240. He is very knowledgable about all of the latest high end audio gear. He's a dealer for Stereovox and many other high end treats. Best regards, Jeff Lazicki
I don't know for sure about the SEI II, but I know Chris Sommovigo contends there is no directionality in his Studio series of cables and I'm guessing it's the same with his higher end cables, especially if there are no direction arrows on the ICs themselves (same with the Colibris). I just keep trying to use the Colibris in a consistent direction for my own piece of mind but have not heard any difference despite undoubtedly mixing them up from time to time as I swap to different ICs.

My experience is that even used cables/ICs need some time to settle in before sounding their best, so you might want to give them 100 hours or so before making any firm conclusions.
Hows the general consensus sound of stereovox cabling? interested in trying out
From my experience with their Studio line I think it's fair to characterize these cables in general as neutral and transparent, and they seem to just pass everything through a system as is. That is to say, I don't think they're a good choice if you're looking to add or subtract something to the sound of your system (i.e. tonal bloom, softer highs, etc.). From what I've read of the SEI series that would seem to be the case there too, although I've never heard them in my system.

Where I find Stereovox interconnects in particular to excel is in the area of soundstaging and three-dimensional, holographic imaging. If these characteristics are important to you then Stereovox is a must-hear. I've had other highly-touted cables in my system and none have approached what the Stereovox wires achieve in this area. It took me a little while to recognize it, and it may be very system/listener dependent as is the case with all cables, but once I heard it there was no going back.

Hope this helped and best of luck.