Just ordered my Supratek Chenin Preamp

Ordered it in Piano Black with chrome, remote control and HT bypass options. Now comes the hard part - waiting for it to be built and shipped! Hope the time passes quickly...
Congratulations! While the wait can seem like forever, once it arrives, it all will have been worth it. Do yourself a favor once it arrives: don't rush into rolling the tubes in it. Mick builds them and ships them with tubes that really do sound great with the unit. Wait until you have a couple of hundred hours on it before swapping them out. I have swapped a few in and out and have always gone back to the set it came with, with the exception of a pair of grey glass 6SN7s that I do really like the sounds of over the stock tubes.
Thanks. I have no plans to roll the tubes for quite a while. This is my first piece of tube equipment ever - unless you count my parents' old console stereo from the '60s. I think I'll enjoy the tube sound for a while before I experiment. By the way, just for reference, what manufacturer were the grey glass 6SN7s you liked?
Your first tube equp EVER, and you buy a Supratek. WHY? I don't get it. How much did you pay, tell me that.
Also there is a 5 yr running Supratek topic going on, I suggest you post there.
What a pleasant chap you are!
How long did he tell you it would take to receive it? What are the components you're going to match it with? Have fun!
Ait - I am using RCA NOS 6SN7. I am sure there are other good ones as well.

As to those who ask "WHY?" or "How much?", why not a Supratek over any other for your first? The cost can be determined by going to Mick's website.I am sure he has read the thread and read comments of other happy owners. The cost/quality ratio of the Supratek line is pretty hard to beat IMHO. It has one of the finest phono stages of any pre, regardless of price.
Mick told me the wait time is two months absolute max, so I expect it will probably be a bit less than that. I'm matching it with Zu Druid Speakers, Flying Mole Class D amps (pretty extensively modded and VERY clean sounding, with way more power than I need for the Druids), a Sony CD player and, for now, an old BSR turntable. I have my eyes on a VPI Scoutmaster for my birthday, though, and maybe a music server (Opus, Zero One, Escient) for Christmas.
Sounds like an awesome system, I'd sure like to hear what you think after the Supratek gets burned-in! Already thinking of a Scoutmaster for your B-day and a music server for X-mas? Boy, you are an audiophile!
Congratulations! Though I must say I don't think I could deal with a two month wait, you have much more intestinal fortitude than I. Happy listening!
Hey Ait. Congrats on your preamp choice sir,and it's well worth the wait. As others have suggested: run it in for a few hundred hours before rolling tubes. Most nos 6sn7's from different manufacturers[and there are many] will have a flavour... the RCA grey glass is a good one but do roll out the sovtek rectifier first. An old nos Mullard GZ-34 is far superior[sonically] and will last for many years to come.
Interesting thread. I've been a long time user/hoarder of the 6SN7/VT-231 tube because of my Blue Circle BC21, but I have rarely heard or read anything about the RCA grey glass. It seems to be a popular choice for the Suprateks. Can you folks tell me how this tube compares sonically to other 6SN7s like the Sylvania VT-231 or Ken-Rad black glass VT-231? Thanks!
Gunbei, I have been through a ton of 6SN7's in my Supratek. The RCA certainly is not in my top three. And all of my NOS 6SN7's are sitting on the shelf now. I am currently using EH 6SN7's and they are as good or better across the board than any NOS 6SN7 I have tried.

No more $$$ NOS 6SN7's for me. Try a pair of EH 6SN7's and see what you think. I know of several Supratek owners that now have all of their NOS 6SN7's in boxes.
EH as in Electro Harmonix? I didn't even know they made a 6SN7. Thanks for the heads up, Fiddler.
I have the same exact preamp in the same color. It is a joy to listen to and a joy to look at. You will be very happy! Bob
Bartkofan,you are right of course.

People bypassing huge retail and promotional markups and buying things based on consumer feedback and satisfaction levels is totally uncalled for.They are probably mostly terrorist plants trying to sully the pristine integrity of the audio media and retail industry.

Or maybe they are just savvy consumers with an intellect for seeking out value and integrity.
Bartokfan.You bring up a good point.....What is it with these Supratek people! Why hasn't that Supratek thread DIED long ago,5 years old....crazy. Did you read where many of them had to wait up to 8 months for the bloody thing!!!And this is the guys first tube equiptment ever!!!I can't stop laughing while Im writting this. Hi Ait,Yes the Chenin in piano black and chrome are striking,wait till you see and hear it in your system. Cheers
06-02-06: Bartokfan
Your first tube equp EVER, and you buy a Supratek. WHY? I don't get it. How much did you pay, tell me that.
Also there is a 5 yr running Supratek topic going on, I suggest you post there.
There is little tube gear that has the loyal and devoted following of Supratek. There must be a good reason. Your comment smacks of intolerance, and ignorance. Five years worth of posts from Supratek owners, and their taste and opinion is beneath yours? Have you heard any Supratek products in your system? If so, what?

We all have valuable experience to offer in these threads, but dogma as it concerns the audio hobby seems misplaced to me. There are simply way too many variables to cynically question the choices of others and chisel "The Way" into tablets of stone.
Thanks to all who have chimed in on my behalf. I wasn't bragging, just excited. I'm just getting back to analog after a 20+ year hiatus, and all the research I've done has pointed me toward Supratek. Sure it's not cheap, but why buy a lesser product if you can afford something better.

Anyway, that's 2 days off the waiting time...
Only 58 days to go!
Hi Ait,When you take delivery of your Chenin and log acouple of hundred hours on it.Heed Ecclectique advise on changing the power supply rectifier tube.With a good close matched sides n.o.s.rectifier.This single tube change will have a profound effect on the sonics of your Chenin.I have tried many,giving each one time to settle in for a period of weeks.My personal choice came down to a 1954 Bendix 6106,both sides measure exact,100%.I bought a few until I found one with exact matched sides.This tube was recommended by Ecclectique.Prices vary from $20.and up for single n.o.s.Bendix.You can spend up to $300. for a single n.o.s.1950s metal base Philips Mini Watt GZ-34....However,I find the Bendix equally good in my power supply.It boils down to liking a personal sonic flavour.Regulators are the next pair that will have a huge effect.Again tried a few,early 1950s brown base smoked glass n.o.s.matched Genelex KT-66s $$$,and Genelex Gold Lion $$$.Ecclectique recommended a 6F6G in the regulator position.This tube is old and was used in early radios,juke boxes,some early audio amps and t.v.s.It is a great audio tube. A n.o.s. pair can run from $8.00 apair at a vintage radio flea market and up.Audio tube venders are selling pairs of these 6F6Gs for $30.and up.I requested matched pairs from a vender and bought afew.I then checked them with my own tube tester.Good old Andy of Vintage Tube Services.According to Ecclectique it is very important to have a matched pair of regulator tubes,the closer the match the better.Im using late n.o.s. 1930s Sylvania 6F6g that are mirror matched.Thanks to Ecclectique and his expert advise.I love them.In the end I spent $50 for three replacement tubes,that sonically stomped the piss out of the stock Russian tubes that came with my Chenin.I put the stock tubes back in,listened to one side of a L.P.,out they came.The 6F6gs hands down out performed the $$$Genelex Kt-66s in the Supratek design .The key here is to be patient....Give your new Chenin time to burn in thoroughly....Then start with replacing the rectifier tube. Give the tube time to burn in,50 plus hours. The Bendix takes 100s of hours.If you find a good one,it is well worth it.Don't worry about the other tubes for now.You may like what you hear with the stock ones.
Congratulations on your score. You have every right to be excited.

Listening to the Beatles blue box set through the Chenin is a friday night joyous ritual.

You'll have a ball. A great preamp, worth every penny.

Have Fun.
I just received my Supratek Grange yesterday. After getting it set up, I only had enough time to listen to a few favorite songs. Wow! Even though there has been zero break-in time, it is still *very* impressive - and that's comparing it to my old Krell preamp with a LAMM LP2 Deluxe phono stage.

Mick told me 2 months also, but it took 6... It's worth it though!
Mick told me 6 months... it took around a year... I wonder why he doens't understand that he really doesn't need to lie to his clients about the timing on his products.

If he told you 2 months, give it 6.
I do have to agree with Goatwuss on the waiting time. There have been some cases where people have recieved their units in 3-4 months, but the average wait has been in the 6-8 month range. I ordered mine at the end of March 2004, and recieved it at the end of November 2004. Trust me it is worth the wait. I would not even contact Mick about where you are in the line until about 2-3 months in.

I do agree with you somewhat about the EH6SN7 being a great choice, but in my setup, and with my listening priorities, I have found the RCA Grey Glass tube, to work very well. With regard to tube rolling further, I was VERY disappointed when I replaced the stock 6922 with a matched set of highly regarded Amperex. I would be interested in getting your opinion on possible choices for replacing the 5A4 regulator in the PS (the thread on the Supratek has gotten too big to wade through all the tube comments);)
Ait, I also bought my first tube preamp - Supratek Chardonnay - without ever hearing it and it was simply impressive and fills my living room with beautiful music. And following expert advise from Ecclectique (thank you!), I replaced the stock with Bendix 6106, Brima 6F6G, Slyvania 6SN7 WGT NOS tubes. That was in late 2004; recently I received my Hyperion 938 and the experience just got much better!!! I am sure you would have the same experience. Cheers.
Bendix 6106 rectifier

WE 350b regulators

EH 6SN7's

The best I've tried, IMHO.
Would those of you with Supratek pre-amps care to tell us what amp and speakers they are using successfully? Thanks.

With my Chenin...

Plinius SA-102/Piega P10

An enjoyable combination.
With my Chenin:

Wolcott p220 mono/Magnepan 3.6R
Dynaudio Special 25s, Quad 63s ,Atma-Sphere M-60 Mk2.2 monoblocks, zero problems.
Berning ZH270 > PHY KM 30 SAG drivers in an open baffle

(I can't believe more haven't discovered the magic of open baffles.)
I am wondering why people are buying Supratek pre-amps but you never hear anyone ever talking about Supratek amps. Why is that?

Have you seen the "Preamp of the Century" thread? Quite a bit of "talking" there. Try searching the forums. I think you'll find that quite a lot of people are talking about the Supratek. Owners tend to be rather enthusiastic about them, with good reason.
Slipknot: How's that Walker Beast, is it making music for you?

Baddabob: CJ Premier 11a on Panels/Hafler DH500 on bass, Speakers are Martin Logan ReQuests.

I recently purchased Slyvania 6SN7 GTB Chrome Tops and they are a superb tube. Have rolled some Ken Rad and RCA's in the phono section and subjectively a very small gain, but the Slyvania's seem to smooth out digitatis and made the cost worth it in the line stage.

Have Fun.
CJ MF2500A,H.P.Caravelles,Chardonnay
Thanks for asking. It has to be one of the most eye and ear opening components in existance. I have removed digital playback from my setup altogether. My Wolcott amps have been at the factory being worked on for the last several weeks (hope to have them back next week), so i have not been listening. I have taken the opportunity to do a little work on the lighting in the room, but am getting anxious to get things back up and running. Walking into the room and seeing that polished black and brass turntable sitting there is making me crazy. Prior to shipping the amps out, I had been listening to LPs I had not heard in years.
Mcintosh 352, B&W802N, Cabernet. Sonic heaven.
IMHExperience EH6sn7 was equally no so good like stock Sovtek,
KenRad VT231 had much better harmonics, bass bloomy somehow, but match clearer picture then with EH or Sovtek,
Huge improvement was Sylvania 6sn7w metal base chrome top,
equally good was Mullard CV2821.
I have tried NU Grey glass to very good (similar to KR) more body them with Sylvania but less detail.
So it depends what do one prefer body or details what room you have what amp?
I have Clayton M100 which is pretty dark so I need tubes with details.
I'm using Bendix6106 as rectifier and EH as regulator, GEC KT66 was perfect in my previous 400sq feet room in current room 190 sq feet I'm using EH tubes with GEC KT66 too much bass.
Regards to all.
Marantz SA-14 Ver2, Chardonnay, Perreaux E220, Hyperion 938.
Cat JL-2, Martin Logan Summit.

My Syrah is almost seven years now. The longest I have ever had an audio component! 8 or 9 poweramps have come and gone, the Syrah remains.

Tube rolling is tricky. I have tried 6F6, 350B and NOS 6L6 regulators and 6106, 5V4 and GZ37 rectifiers but right now I am listening to the stock sovtek 5881 and philips 5Z4 and prefer them! The bass is better with the 6F6 and 350B, but smoother and warmer with the stock tubes.

Favourite 6SN7 is Hytron JAN-CHY, but I will try the EH 6SN7 soon
I have the Supratek Sauvignon preamp. I currently am using a Mullard GZ34 as the rectifer tube. Does anyone know if I can substitute a 5Y3GT for the GZ34. Also, is the 5Y3GT the same tube as the 6106? I like the sound of this preamp with RCA 6L6GC's used as the regulators. To me the RCA 6L6GC's sound better than the Genelax KT66's.
Hi Jek, The Bendix 6106 electrical specs. are close to the 5y3gt and could be used as a substitute. However,the Bendix is a indirect heated full wave rectifier and the 5y3gt is a directly heated full wave rectifier.Meaning,if you used a directly heated rectifier in your power supply.The other tubes in your pre would recieve a blast of full voltage before they had a chance to warm up and stabilize in the circuit.This blast of voltage would strip the cathode out of your other tubes very quickly on start up......If you are going to try other rectifiers ,make sure test values on both sides are very close or even mirror matched.If not you could get a chugging weird noise out of it.Its also important that the regulators are matched very closely,the regulators work directly with the rectifier.If you buy these tubes from a vender,request matched sides in the rectifier and matched pairs for the regulators,within 1 to 2 MA.would be best.Your ears will appreciate the great 6f6g and 6106 combo.I have afew select n.o.s. mirror matched 6f6gs Im contemplating selling,including a n.o.s.factory 5 pack of Sylvanias that are all perfect matched, all five matched with in 1 MA.of each other......I was on Micks site last night and see his Malbec amps will be available very soon,anyone here going to be the first to order a pair?