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old high end preamps..
The Metaxas preamps sound excellent.I owned a Marquis 2 for several years.Most older preamps are not very good.There are plenty of very good old power amps but modern preamps tend to sound a lot more transparent and 3D. 
What preamp creates the largest soundstage?
If DHT preamps are not the best at creating 3D soundstage why would manufacturers use them? Perhaps they are just stupid? DHTs are a lot more difficult to use than dedicated preamp valves.It also seems odd that for those that have worked out how t... 
What preamp creates the largest soundstage?
DHT preamps produce the most 3D /holographic soundstage.Probably because those same tubes do the same thing when used in power amps.Which is why so many people love SET amplifiers.Except you are better off getting those qualities in your preamp an... 
What preamp creates the largest soundstage?
The biggest 3D soundstage comes from directly heated triode [DHT] preamps.Especially if you can use meshplate tubes .Coincident,Ming Da,Manley and Supratek make DHT preamps.I use a Supratek 300B preamp and it has a very big room filling soundstage... 
Has anyone else auditioned something that really was terrible?
A lot of the time when a system sounds bad it is due to an amplifier/speaker mismatch.Unfortunately many modern speakers are very badly designed from ease of drive perspective which means they are likely to sound bad with a lot of amplifiers.I was... 
What country builds the best audio equipment?
The U.S. and A.Becoz Bose is made there. 
Are Nakamichi amps any good?
The Usher R 1.5 is excellent.That is a Nelsen Pass Stasis design. 
Revel F208 Review by Earl
They have recessed imaging/soundstage.Some people might like that more distant presentation I suppose and they might even suit some "live" sounding rooms better than most but potential buyers need to be aware of this character.  
Amp and Preamp recommendations for Yamaha NS5000
A Supratek DHT preamp would do the NS5000s justice.Say a Cabernet 300B/45 .Well worth trying with your Bryston power amps. 
Speaker recommendations 10 to 30k and no beryllium
I have provided my thoughts about them in the Yamaha NS5000 thread.Wonderful sounding things with the real bonus that they are an easy speaker to drive so that opens up the opportunity to drive them with purist moderately powered tube or class A S... 
Speaker recommendations 10 to 30k and no beryllium
Told you the Yamaha NS 5000s are the real deal.At least for anybody who has a musical soul and who has some insight into how acoustic music and voices sound. 
Bose 901
I agree it is a moronic review.How are they ever going to sound any good with that sort of placement?They need to be a placed against a long wall away from cornersĀ  with nothing in between them and distance out from the wall is critical.If you pos... 
Bakoon.No contest because they operate electrically more like tube amps.I have tried a lot of different SS and and tube amps with various Tannoy 15s and the Bakoons are by far the best sounding. 
What are in these Bose speakers anyways
Split Enz wrote a song about it-https://youtu.be/wYw3C_cVa2Q 
Speakers that reveal bad recordings? Not for me.
So what speakers make poor recordings sound good?Bose 901s perhaps but they use an equaliser.