Jelco Easy VTA on the Fly

Hi guys

I Would like to present you this new VTA adjustment for the Jelco tonearms. Easy to install and use, this will be an upgrade that your Jelco arm really deserves.

Hope you like it.

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Interesting. So you are also replacing the wobbly base with a better one?

Yes, no wobble at all, far better in rigidity plus the added stiffness provided by the micrometer. And a pleasure to use.   
I’ll give it a shot. Do you have to make any mods to the arm? Do you have it for sale on audiogon?
Not yet for sale on audiogon (thinking to do so) but I have the instructions on the webside.

No mods needed. Original collar off, Easy VTA on the Fly in, very simple to install and even easier to use.
Sweet! I’m also going to try this. I have several Jelco-made arms. Reminds me of the micrometer on my AudioMods arm.

How long are you going to have the special price?

We are thinking of keeping te pre-order until the end of the month. 
How much is shipping to the USA?

Its 10 pounds with cover and delivery notification.
My only concern is if the structure affects the sound in ANY negative way. 
Will it work with an Ortofon TA-110?
Hey there vpi yes they said it will work on the Ortofon, but looking at the new base you would need a flat top of the plinth for it to sit on 
Ordered ordered mine last week for my new Jelco 850 and it is expected to ship mid-March. Anxious to give it a try. BTW the 850 is wonderful and has handled even a very stiff Koetsu Urushi with ease.

@raceone Any updates?
I also ordered one.  AFAIK, they haven't shipped yet, but are really close to.
Just got an email from Antonio.  Apparently they aren't quite happy with the smoothness, (or lack thereof) of the micrometer assembly.  He is saying another 2-3 weeks.
Is this device complex enough to justify a US price of nearly $200?  It doesn't appear to be.  The Jelco arm itself is not much more than twice that.
@pryso...I also wondered about that, but decided that feature is worth it, if it works correctly. 

Maybe these guys need to talk and consult with Jeff from AudioMods.  I have several of his arms and the micrometers work flawlessly.

I am really excited to try this device.  I have always loved the Jelco arms for sound and performance for the price.  Hopefully, this will make them even better.
I guess they have their issues sorted as it is on sale on a US distributer site.

I guess they have their issues sorted as it is on sale on a US distributer site.
The US importer has had the EasyVTA on thier site for over a month now.  I have been in contact with him, but he still doesn't have any either. Still waiting on the working correctly finished model...
Thanks for the update. My new Jelco TK850L is in transit.

Thanks for the update. My new Jelco TK850L is in transit.
SWEET!  Jelco makes some frickin' excellent arms for the money.  To do better, you usually need to spend way more money.  I've always felt that audiophiles didn't take them seriously enough.  I love these arms.

I haven't seen this new series yet.

I have 2 x 750L on 2 Garrards and love them. One is modded. See V.Sys.
I have heard good things about the 850. Hopefully it will be an upgrade. No mainstream reviews although Fremer checked them out at AXPONA. 

This looks kinda intriguing:

I have a couple of Jelco arms that this will work on.  Wish it had it's own base for the micrometer to raise and lower off of, but if the arm base and/or the armboard is large enough it should work okay...

Just got an email stating the EASYVTA will begin shipping tomorrow!

SWEET! Jelco makes some frickin’ excellent arms for the money. To do better, you usually need to spend way more money.
Or just buy Victor UA-7045 for with VTA on the fly for less money than Jelco. Victor UA-7045 is an excellent arm for ridiculous low price today! in the 70s it was the arm for Victor’s best turntable (TT-101). Long version is UA-7082. The Jelco or has no monopoly on beautifully made tonearms for reasonable price. Victor is top-notch, but the price is lower than Jelco. I have owned two samples, really amazing tonearm. It has optional counterweight for MC, for MM wihtout additional counterweight this arm is a killer, stunning performer and needs NO modifications!

I owned a couple of JVC Victor arms back in the day, (late 70’s-early 80’s). Biggest pile of junk I’ve ever owned.

I doubt that I would ever travel down that road again...
Couple of JVC junk tonearms?
I'm talking about the top of the line UA-7045 and 7082 in today's system, not in your system in 1981 

I'm not alone with the statement that 7045 is a great tonearm, you can look at the design of this arm first and then compare it to your adorable Jelco where even VTA on the fly is a problem as i can see.

You can also do that with Victor cartridges MM or MC or Victor turntables like the TT81 or coreless TT-101. Then you can think about JVC Victor or Victor Laboratory as the biggest manufacturer of High-End equipment in the world back in the days. Everything they made is oustanding when it comes to the top models. 

So i don't know what you mean by "junk" and what is your standard of quality - Jelco ? Jelco is a joke compared to Victor Laboratory. 
I had a UA-7045 that had bad bearings out of the box. Sent to back to Japan to be repaired, came back even worse.

The second model had wiring that kept getting caught at the pillar junction and would keep the arm from traveling properly. Gave up after that one.

I’ve owned dozens of Jelco, (or Jelco made) arms. Never a problem.

I know from reading your posts that you have a lot of experience and knowledge with analog. With all due respect, times that by about 100 and you have me.

Maybe someday we can meet and exchange notes...

Hi,this is my first post,just curious to know,have anyone of you guys purchased the Jelco EasyVTA and have you received it yet?

After a long and difficult start (CNC manufacturing issues), we are now in full run and shipping all back orders (around 80 unist). Only 13 left to ship. The feedback has been excellent so far, we are very happy. In the meantime, we are already working on the "improved" Easy VTA for the Jelco and starting to design the Easy VTA for the Rega RB-250/300.


You can see some already installed on customers tonearms. Here you can see the Easy VTA on two Dr. Feickert Turntable and one Sony PUA tonearm (shares the same 18mm shaft).
Finally the Jelco Easy VTA on the Fly has landed
at my home.

I installed it in one of my systems (in this case holding
a Feickert DFA 105 tonearm) and I am very happy with it.
It is working absolutely flawless!

Hello racedoc

If possible, send me some pics via email please. 

Glad you love it.

Hello Gents.

New Improved Easy VTA on the fly. Now with two added linear bearings. I must say, perfection was finally reached. Very happy and proud.



António, Well done... but can't see link.
Hi António,
Do you have the upgraded version in black?
Do you know if it works with the Jelco TK-850? (cross-posted)

Yes, it will work fine with the new Jelco TK-850 but not in black at the moment but we are working on it. 

To install on a Jelco already mounted on a Sota armboard does installation of EasyVTA require access to the bottom of the armboard?

Hello Spencer

If you have access to the collar mounting screws from the top and after unplugging the tonearm cable you leave it at the top, then I suppose its possible. I can do everything from the topo on my turntable.


Does anyone here care that someone has co-opted this forum for the sole purpose of selling a product? If you don’t care, I don’t care either.
@lewm in fairness, it's something that is useful and an extremely niche, enthusiast product. 
@gary7  these are cheap knock-offs of the OP's product, which looks and apparently is a more highly engineered device.
This is a very interesting product.  Would it fit on a Pro-Ject tonearm mount? Cheers,

If the Jelco has a 18mm shaft, then it will fit just fine.

In the meantime, nice review from The Ear Magazine.