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Why Don’t You Post Your System on Your Profile?
To be honest I did not find a clue to show my system in my profile.   In other forums I share these informations, but here it seems hard to impossible to share.  
Which MM, MI, or Hi output...Nagaoka 300/500, Clearaudio Maestro, Soundsmith Carmen
My favourites for an MM-input of the phonopre are:   HO-MC: Jico Seto Hori MI: Acoustical Systems Fideles MM: Vintage MM from Victor, Sony or Grace  
Discuss The Viv Lab Rigid Arm
The "bearing" of the ViV is not a "floating" one in the typical sense.   The magnetic oil film helps to prevent any bouncing from the needle to start resonances but as you know that oil is not compressible there is no floating at all.   The ... 
Discuss The Viv Lab Rigid Arm
1st The ViV performs in the best possible way with all cartridges we tried out. And the best means the best. We tried everything  light MMs, heavy MIs, light MCs, SPUs, all kind of DS Audio all cartridges worked better in this arm than in all... 
Which DACs are known to be sweet/rich/relaxed?
I personally prefer the DACs from Playback Designs with their FPGA-DACs.  
MM or HO MC Cartridge Choice-Input Please
My best bets for new cartridges in this area are   Jico Seto Hori  and Acoustical Systems Fideles  
Best MC Cartridge Pairing for Technics SL-1210 GAE?
In the named price range my recommendations are:   Jico Seto Hori Acoustical Systems Fideles Hana ML   If you are willing to send back the Manley phonopre you can achieve the DS Audio systems. That is the best! Period!  
Most beautiful turntable under $5k
Without a doubt... the Montegiro Lusso is/was the most outstanding turntable ever looking at it.    
Decided to try a SPU cartridge
First of all I really love the SPU sound. Actually I own a GM E and a Synergy. They give a fine contrast to the sound of my different DS Audio cartridges.   For the "normal" SPUs you should work with a SUT to get most out of them. My Synergys ... 
Cartridges for Rega Tables
The range of Excalibur cartridges are special madefor Rega turntables (German importer; made by Excel).https://www.tad-audiovertrieb.de/produkte/excalibur/excalibur-tonabnehmer 
Ortofon SPU Meister Silver MKII like cartridge to fit a Kuzma tonearm
My recommendation is ZYX Ultimate 100 H. In my setup is wasvery close to the SPU sound. 
Acoustical Systems MM Fideles?
It is an outstanding MI cartridge with a solid output and a very quick and lively sound preserving a profound bass and verynatural voices.It likes a solid but not to heavy metal headshell.Besides the Jico Seto Hori and a vintage Ortofon Vero+ theA... 
Best ultrasonic lp cleaner in 2020 and what surfactant best?
My Audiodesk Gläss cleaner is working perfectlyeasy. One start bottom and that is it.After 5 minutes you have your cleaned and driedvinyl in your hand.After many tests with different solvents I currentlyuse triple dest water with the tiny amount o... 
MM Cartridge Talk
My personal ranking on MM/MI is:1. Acoustical Systems Fideles and Victor X1-IIe2. Ortofon 2M bronce and Goldnote Vasari gold3. Ortofon 2M black4. Ortofon 2M blue and redIn position one and two the first catridge is more dynamicand the second more ... 
Advice on best mid priced MM cartridge choice for Rega P3 (2016)
In the current range of the Ortofon 2M series I like the mostthis Ortofon 2M bronce.For my hearing it was more balanced than the black.So it is a big bang for the buck.