Jelco Headshell for Ortofon Arm

I just purchased an Ortofon TA-110 arm and noticed that the detachable headshell has no azimuth adjustment.  I have heard the TA-110 is made by Jelco. Can anyone tell me if a Jelco headshell would fit my Ortofon arm?  Specifically, the Jelco HS-25 headshell?
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As far as head shells I would go with the Zupreme or the Yamamoto carbon fiber
Jerry?  Small world.
Thanks for recommendation.  Guess I need to hear the stock Ortofon shell before jumping. 

Jelco HS 25 is also sold by other names like Sumiko, Lpgear,etc.

Different names and prices but the same headshell. Excelent in

my opinion. The 4 pin connector can be extended and moved

around such that azimuth as well effective lengt of the stylus

can be adjusted. Besides decent headshell wire is also included.

To my knowledge the best headshell for the price.  

Thanks for advice all.  I went with a Zupreme.  Seemed to be the most bang for the buck.