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Jeff Rowland 125 or PS Audio Stellar 300 ?
The JR uses the Pascal boards I think and the PS Audio uses Ncore which I like better than the Pascal. I base this on the Dsonic amps I owned before I got my Nord NC500 based amps. I would say the biggest difference is less of a grainy sound so PS... 
Best phono player for newbie with good 2 ch system
Just got a Dr Feickert Blackbird and it is excellent. Had a SME10 prior and that was also good, before that I had/have SL1200GAE and it is a very good table but I wanted to do 2 tonearms which led me to the Blackbird 
Name Your Top 5 Most Musical Dynamic Sounding Tonearms of All time?
From what I have owned/own in order of preference under 10KI feel that linear tracking arms  provide the most musical performance especially when it comes to transparency and soundstage Thales Simplicity II Trans Fi Terminator 3Triplanar VII SE Ar... 
Tell me about Thales TTT compact turntable
@pani did you ever get the Thales I just got the Simplicity II and will be mounted to a Dr Feickert blackbird  
Who Has the New Top Technics SL1200GRE? Does it blow your other expensive tables away?
You mean SL1200GAE? If so you should include the 1200G it is basically the same table. 
Modded or stock Technics SL1200G
Your right I had it backwards I needed the taller mat to get the arm higher so I could adjust vta better, its been a while since I listened to the 1200 with the TP. When I moved the arm to a SME 10 the arm sounded better to me it could of been a p... 
Modded or stock Technics SL1200G
jbrrp I also use a funk firm mat I had to get the 3mm one because the 5mm one I had was too tall for the Triplanar, not alot of room to lower the arm on this table. I had to get a board from Greece and drill it myself because no one in the US want... 
Modded or stock Technics SL1200G
I have one also and I will say that my Triplanar VII SE sounded better on another table than the Technics, it seems like it was picking up some noise from the power supply so I would also upgrade to the timestep one if I wanted to keep the TP on t... 
Is there a non-DJ version of the Technics SL-1200 Series?
The new SL1500C might be what you want                                https://www.technics.com/us/news/20190107-sl-1500c/         
Recommendation for Cartridge for Technics SL-1200G?
I have a ART9 I will be selling less than 100 hours. I like my Cadenza Bronze better on mu Triplanar 
SME Setup With Slotted Headshell
Yes you could I would set the distance from pivot to turntable center 295.60 mm as it says in the manual and use the slots to get to the optimum setting for your preferred aligment, baerwald etc. 
Jelco TK-850L review
Just ordered the new 10" TK 850M 
How much would I lose going to a Bluesound Node 2i
Will the 2i pass mqa through coax digital out to my DS JR. I am thinking about getting one just as a streamer 
Kuzma Stabi S and 4point? overkill?
@nkonor so you like the Technics with TP better than the Kuzma, wow says alot 
Opinion on SME 15
@tobes as I said above you do not want the 3d arm unless you have alot of patience, the Graham or SME would be better