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Technics SL-1210GAE Anniversary
US version of the cartridge¬†https://www.lpgear.com/product/NAGAOKAJT80BK.html 
what are some of best tonearms you own or experience with.
The best I have owned was the Trans Fi Terminator 3 always liked LT arms, got tired of the adjustments so did some research and found my best tonearm the Thales Simplicity II so easy to setup and sounds just like the cartridge you are using and no... 
Phono pre amp
Another very good affordable is the Parasound Zphono XRM at $600 or the one I use as a backup the iFi Phono 3 Black Label outstanding value at $999https://positive-feedback.com/reviews/hardware-reviews/ifi-iphono-3-black-label-phono-stage/https://... 
SME Tonearms of Canada - Alfred and Company that sell new and refurbish SME
I recommend VAS in NY 
Vpi 3d Tonearm - Counterweight fitment
If this is a new table the tolerances are unacceptable, ask for a new arm or buy a SL1200G like I did and didn't look back 
ifi iPhono 3 "Black Label" Anyone?
Phono 3 black label sounding good the first few days 
ifi iPhono 3 "Black Label" Anyone?
Thanks that is what i was hoping, you have a Anna would love to hear that cartridge. The iFi power a is better than the Sbooster wow that's something, the general thought is that linear power supply is better than smps? All though I do think the F... 
ifi iPhono 3 "Black Label" Anyone?
Just found this thread I have a Ortofon MC A95 on a Thales Simplicity II arm on a Dr Feickert Blackbird that I have tried multiple stages with and it is a frustrating cartridge to get a good match I recently got the M2Tech Nash because of the high... 
Trans-Fi Terminator Tonearm: 2019 Update
See the link below to my photos you can see the PVC tube with end caps I designed for my Terminator over 15 years ago, it worked very well I had the filter after the surge tank before the arm. I never had issues with pulsing.I was one of the first... 
Trans-Fi Terminator Tonearm: 2019 Update
I was one of the original owners of the Terminator and worked with Vic all the way up to the T3. Went back to pivoted arms and could not accept the difference in sound, I finally looked into pivoted linear arms and have found an equivalent to the ... 
Technics SL-1210GAE Anniversary
Are you in the USA? Let us know if you found one 
Technics SL-1210GAE Anniversary
Yes worth it very much. I am using a Lyra Delos in to a Sutherland Little Loco awesome sound 
Technics SL-1210GAE Anniversary
I am one of the first to get one of these in the USA S/N 0180 and yes it does not come with the cartridge https://www.facebook.com/groups/270918857224424  
Maximizing VPI Prime Performance
Yes the 3d arm is one of the worst arms to dial in not to mention you need the counterintuitive and the second pivot its like it wasn't thought out entirely.The 850M is awesome I have in the rear spot on my Dr Feickert Blackbird.Great choice now t... 
To all PS Audio BHK preamp owners *** must read ***