Is Carl Bernstein an Audiophile?

While watching a CNN clip titled, “Is this the smoking gun tape” on, I saw a pic/video that looked like a pair of Harbeth’s over Bernstein’s right shoulder.  Can anyone make out the rest of Bernstein’s gear? Just curious! 😎
I see a turntable.

What stampers does Carl have? Perhaps he has gone to the dark side-files/streaming?
Time flies doesn't it...I remember his reporting on Watergate which now is nearing 50 years!

I was with my father touring DC at the time, when the story broke.
Funny, actually I looked him up to see what turntable was behind him and see if he was an audiophile, when I was seeing his interview on CNN. 
Yes, he is.  I have had an interesting phone conversation with him and I know other reviewers who have been in contact with him about audio.
One of the most famous and admired members of the 4th estate.... I do!   dadork!   🎣
I guess I'd respect him a lot more if he'd hold his colleagues accountable for shoddy manipulative reporting and a lack of curiosity when it came to investigating anyone with a D behind their name. Nixon had the decency to resign because of what Bernstein did, now the 4th estate belongs to one party and I'm old enough to remember when it was called propaganda. JMO 

- Bernstein to CNN during the 2018 Ukraine scandal, there were "echos" of Watergate" and it was "perhaps worse in some regards." - Bernstein in 2017 regarding the firing of FBI Director James Comey as "potentially more dangerous" than Watergate.- Bernstein in 2016 stated Trump was comparable to Richard Nixon and that "Richard Nixon was nothing, in terms of lying, compared to what we have seen from Donald Trump." - Bernstein in 2006: Writing about George Bush in Vanity Fair, said that during Watergate "there was understandable reluctance in the Congress to begin a serious investigation of the Nixon presidency......... That time in the Bush presidency has arrived."....and so on and so on.....
Bernstein is to Investigative Reporting is as Paul Krugman is to Economics is as George Clooney is to Dramatic Acting is as Whoopi Goldberg is to Comedy....feted shills for the DNC

And everything quoted from Bernstein by mikeydred was a correct assessment at the time and remains so today. Demonstrably. Which is to say, Bernstein was right then and still is.
But then I thought this was a question about CB's suspected audiophilia, which a post above has confirmed.

I am beginning to hate this forum.

Just "beginning"?  A little late to the party, Scott.  Chuck makes sure of that....
I hope you didn’t really mean to say, “Nixon had the decency to resign because of what Bernstein did”. Morally, I would think you’d blame Nixon, for what Nixon did. However, this isn’t what I was hoping to, discuss.
I was watching a few videos on CNN and noticed what looked like audiophile gear. It looked like Harbeth P3esr’s and I needed help in identifying the other pieces. I would also find it interesting if Mitch McConnell had cool gear, I would think it fun to watch him crank the handle.As a relatively new participant, on this forum, I’ve always found it interesting when a fight (figuratively) breaks out over the top of an OP’s thread. I’ve learned to identify some of the real characters on this forum. The guy with the red room, another guy who always trolls about Pass Labs gear. Another guy who’s like Mr. Haney. (Always something to sell)
Having all these Neurotic people on this forum is very charming.
Politics? Why don't we start to argue about religion?

Richard Nixon was a Quaker, and according to Henri Mancini while touring the White House, "Nixon pulled an LP from the shelf [in his small private listening room] and handed it to me. It was Richard Rodgers music for the television series Victory at Sea. He said, “I sit here by the hour and listen to that album.” He had several Lawrence Welk albums, some Mantovani, and The Sound of Music."
Based on the high end equipment in the pic, I'd say that CB is an audiophile. 
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If you search "Carl Bernstein room rater," I definitely see a turntable and what (to me) looks like an Audio Research component, although I can't be sure it is, each in an audio rack.  Looks to be a large office environment, possibly a living room.   
How this forum keeps getting hijacked into politics is a mystery to me. It's ridiculous! I could not care less what speakers Carl Bernstein has, or any other celebrity for that matter.
If you don’t like it, just keep moving. I read/browse many threads that are dumb, like “which sounds better, amps with meters, amps without.