Is an audio media transport really better than PC?

Hello guys,

I'm having some doubts about purchasing an audio grade media transport or music streamer.
Wouldn't say I'm a sole PC Hi-FI dude, by recently I've been seeing a lot of reviews and articles talking about using a audio streamer to play music can certainly outperform PC playing, like the sound quality and stuff.
I normally use Roon to play music by my PC, which is not bad, but of course not heavenly I'd say haha... anyways, so recently I did some researches about some audio streamer/media transport with fair prices, there's one called Munich M1T, the price is worth a shot, and it's Roon Ready certified, but I'm just still hesitating that if I should buy it.

Can anyone share some insights with me? I'll be grateful big timeee~


You may want to look at a server instead snd retire thd pc 


Wr import a superior dounding Roon c ore and endpoint 

This is a ompletely modular and upgradable device 

The starter server costs 3500 and can be upgraded all the way to our 16k flagship Master

This device is afull Roon Core you just connect a udb cable out to your dac

Theserver has been designed from the ground  upto offer superior sound

Dave and troy


us importer 432EVO music servers 


Audio streamers can sound better than PCs. At some level they become better, without question. If inexpensive it can be iffy as to which will sound better. Also it depends on your associated equipment. If it is low quality budget stuff, differences can be masked.

i have streamed with IPads, MacBooks, PCs and many other devices. For high quality sound a dedicated streamer will best a PC. I tried denying it from a logical point of view for years. Then I bought one, a Auralic Aries G2… that permanently ended that argument. Aurender is my preferred brand, although I have owned and heard many others. My main systems under my UserID. My digital streamed end now sounds as satisfying as my analog rig… one not better than the other.

Like ghdprentice stated, at some level the audio streamers do become better than PCs. You have to figure out your point of diminishing returns.  You can actually get a very excellent result from a PC by using a Pink Faun or JCAT PCI card coupled with a really good external linear power supply (think Farad Super3 or Keces P3).  This puts you at about $900-1200 investment before looking at a dedicated audio streamer.

$100 worth of RasPi will probably outperform that multi purpose PC.

It did my Vostro, WITH Fidelizer.

But you do whatever you have to do.

If you don’t compare you won’t know any better.


$100 worth of RasPi will probably outperform that multi purpose PC.

I'm not entirely convinced of this.  It really depends on what kind of power supply the RasPi will use.  Also, the USB/SPDIF digital output circuit on these Pink Faun / JCAT cards are much more comprehensive than the USB connection on a RasPi.  That is not to say the RasPi can't be excellent.  If you use a really good linear power supply on the RasPi, you will likely get a very excellent result.

Maybe I misunderstand the question, and I got to say I've done far too few comparisons to truly judge, but I can say that the sound quality I get via my ethernet/Mytek streamer-dac combo is far superior to what I get when I connect my laptop directly to my stereo via the laptop's headphone jack.

The Pi3+ is in a steel case ground bonded to an iFi Elite ala Allo

This sounds better than with the previous generic LPS.

Which was better than that the orig. SMPS.

ALL better than a PC. You are allowed to hear what you want.

edcyn a valid observation. If we're talkin'' PC on-board audio it is the worst. I usually just clip the wires.




What is the custom audio music server doing that a cheap PC is not? I think eliminate electrical and external noise as much as possible. Which is great.

Let’s assume your PC is very powerful, because those are also cheap, but maybe a little noisy, like mine here.

OptiPlex 3080 Micro Form Factor Desktop | Dell USA

My PC runs ROON Core, and I occasionally connect to it by RDP. I also have the machine automatically startup each morning at 8AM and shutdown at 1:30AM. So totally hands off. No keyboard, no mouse, no monitor.

Now assume you can put that PC in a closet of a room where you do not listen to music. You need to connect this PC by direct Ethernet to your router or a network switch connected to your router. I will skip why for brevity.

What about the noise of this cheap PC that spews into the Ethernet wire? I use a Sonore OpticalRendu with 2 of my 3 systems. This is a ROON READY streamer. For 1 of my systems, I have a $79 network switch in one room. This takes the potentially noisy Ethernet wire I have, from many networked connected PC’s, switching power suppliers, etc. and stops that noise from traveling to the DAC.

A FIBRE Optical cable cannot carry electrical noise. This Fibre cable hooks up the $79 network switch (output) with the Sonore OpticalRendu (input). The Rendu then outputs the stream via USB to my DAC. There is a little inefficacy in that Optical to USB conversion, but I would think it would add minimal noise and there would be no noise going into the Rendu.

For my second system, I do the same think but with a $199 Network Switch. I should have bought 2 or the $79 ones.

BTW - Chris Connecker (sp?) the owner of, has a similar streaming setup as mine. He reviews expensive music servers and I asked him why he bothers. I told him that he should compare his reference setup with and without an expensive music server. He said he would do a review on that one day.

From a theoretical view, what I am doing should be really all you need. That is if someone can say that a dedicated music server does more that eliminate NOISE.





ALL better than a PC. You are allowed to hear what you want.

If you are comparing RasPi to a PC using the motherboard USB output, then yes i would agree RasPi will be superior.

However, if you compare RasPi to a PC using Pink Faun / JCAT USB card with a good external linear power supply, then I would highly beg to differ.

The results I am getting from my Pink Faun S/PDIF + Farad Super3 are extremely excellent.  It's actually the Farad Super3 that makes the biggest difference.  Running the Pink Faun PCI card just off the PC switching power supply is weak sounding in comparison with evident distortion and noise.


All streaming requires pc, all servers are audio optimized pc. Using general service pc for streaming not for serious listening on audiophile system. Adding steamer is a step up, still, much more can be done. There are many paths to great streaming sound quality, so much to choose from!

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I’ve used two setups for Roon: (1) USB to an asynchronous Ayre QB-9 DSD DAC from an ultraRendu with LPS 1.2, and (2) USB direct from the Mac Mini to the QB-9. Balanced analog from the DAC passes through an Ayre K-5xeMP preamp to Parasound JC 1 monoblocks that drive KEF LS50s that are augmented by KEF KC62 subs. I’m not sure I can hear a difference between the two setups, both sound very good.



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Someone posted that he had a stroke (year, or so, ago).



sorry thyname I do alot of posts on a phone ao that screen the posts look clear


also its hard after the stroke


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