Interconnect under $200 new or used.....

Okay...I understand everyone has a favorite interconnect in this budget let me have it...I am leaning towards kimber Hero due to rave reviews and convenience(my dealer has it)...anything else surpass it before I take the plunge? Olso...looking for a very nuetral cable with good bottom end...
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DIY NearSota Cables-upgraded OTA is my recommendation.

Not affiliated by any means, just making a suggestion!
xlo signiture 1 - neutral and awesome bottom end.

goes for $150 to $250 used.

coincedent- $150 used. neutral but a little pulled backin the top.

discovery plus 4- very similar the xlo but ever so lightly to the warm side of neutral ( fuller mid-range). $150 - $200 ( the signiture is very good too)

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If you want to buy a modestly priced interconnect with performance at the highest level, then my personal home shootout confirmed that the interconnects, and speaker cable made by [email protected] are definitely worth your trying, with his money back offer.
Interconnect pair lists for $120, and eight foot pair of speaker cables lists for $180.
With the advent of designer-manufacturers directly selling, the chance to obtain something great at a low price has arrived.
This kind of purchase requires listener self-confidence that a newbie may lack, because you do not already have the experience of high quality, high price interconnects, for comparison. Listening in your own system is really the way to know if you are maximizing your investment.
Rather than recite a list of marvelous attributes, may I suggest you listen, for yourself. This is an interconnect that will not need replacing as you upgrade components, and you won't even fully realize its potential to thrill until you are a more seasoned listener, and yet you only pay a bargain price.
Anyway, one fan's suggestion.
Before you spring for the Hero, you might want to read what others are saying six chat forums down from this one about Kimber's newest I/C. Otherwise, I highly reccommend BEL-The Wire $175.00 to $225.00 new. I use mine for both 2-channel direct for music and as a digital cable for video.
I have had very good results with the ZU Cable Warmouth, which falls in your $$ range used.
Audioquest Pythons for $200 used. Gteat i/i s
Tara Labs RSC Axioms are working well for me.
I picked up some new Audioquest King Cobra's and I am very impressed with the air and sparkle, without soundign harsh. Similar to the older Python's for much less money. I think you can get them from Audio Advisor with a 30 day trial period if you don't care for them. You could get Hero's from AA as well, compare and return the one you don't want.

I would recommend the Virtual Image Pile Driver 18 IC's. The list price is $225 for a 4' pair, but right now they are at an introductory price of $175. Virtual Image also offers a 30-day return policy. I just recently bought these to A-B against some Straightwire Crescendo's, I sold the Crescendo's. If you are interested you can e-mail Virtual Image at [email protected] IMO, if you try these, you'll love them.
I would recommend RS Audio Silver IC. 99 unshielded or 139 shielded for 1m. They work very well for me and have a 15 day money back guarantee.
Also, i'm still waiting for them to arrive, but audioparts ICs are supposed to quite nice and are only 60 for 1m
There's quite a bit said about both on the cables forum at
btw,i would try to stick to well known brands till you train your ear in hearing the differnces between cables.

lesser known cables are fine with a money back guarantee, however trying the "main" players first would allow you to sell them quickly if you dont like them.

plus you can compare the lesser known cables without risk and hear for yourself againest a known refernce.

the smaller less known companies are fine if you find a synergestic cable and want to hold onto it, otherwise good luck in try trying to sell it.

hope that helps,

Discovery, right here on Gon.
I have tried many, Stealth, Kimber, Alpha Core.
I have sold them all and run Dicovery only. A wonderfull copper interconnect. $80 a meter with high quality termination. I would not buy anything else again.
Canare StarQuad microphone cable. Shockingly good. The pro recording engineers all use it. I ran 30' sections from my Earthworks omnis on my Steinway though a Grace class A pre to an Alesis, and then into my Nordost SPM'd system. The old left/right brain halves did the old whirling dervish congnitive diss-dance, but what the hell...sounds GREAT (if I practce enough).
I compaired the Zu Oxyfule to the Hero & it was more natural & detailed in my tests on my system. They retail for @ $100 / metered pair. Check out the Zu Gede, they are $200 per pair, but Zu has been running specals on ebay.
I've always thought Straightwire had some of the best cables at that price point.
I highly recommend van den Hul "The Second", which after much trial and error, has become my cable reference for tonal neutrality. I find it works best when used between CD and preamp, which I speculate is due to the radio-transparent nature of carbon fiber that prevents RFI from contaminating the signal. Some may mistake the absence of RFI as loss of "detail", but don't be mislead. This cable will articulate all the natural detail that is present in the signal, without the high-frequency hash that makes your ears weary.