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Most annoying song, period.
That song about a pina colada... 
Bravia KDL46-NX810 vs Samsung UN46C8000XF
Thanks for your responses.My frustration is the lack of a reputable dealer for demo'ing. What used to be a reputable audio dealer become an AV dealer and is now out of business; a seemingly common victim of 'darwin' economics!I do have glare issue... 
Bravia KDL46-NX810 vs Samsung UN46C8000XF
Unfortunately, I don't know a shop where I can demo them side by side in my area. In fact, my only option is the well worn big box electronics store (you know the one!). There, all brands looked far brighter than the Sony, and I'm leaning toward t... 
Grounding Rod
Actually, when you go to the home big box store, ask for anAC voltage sensor. If the guy/gal working in the electrical department has done any industrial work before, they'll know a 'prox' from a 'ticker'. 
Grounding Rod
heyraz - very well explained, especially for not being an electrician. 
What speaker for being close to rear wall?
The Joseph RM7 are front ported and do quite well near walls. Then again I have owned these for a long time, so I'm biased. 
Alright ? Who brought the bandeon to the jazz gig?
agree wholeheartedly with jazz courier! FYI Piazolla is (was)from Argentina. The bandoneon is most often associated with tango. 
Mingus, Charles Mingus?
big minges fan here. haitian fight song is one of my test tracks for systems: the dynamics, the brass, the 'groove factor', and of course, the bass. 
2k$ speakers that meet my criteria?
can't let this go without mention of the joseph audio line, (biased opinion of course-my faves) with the right electronics meet all the OP's criteria. 
Any Tom Waits Fans?
check out his latest live album 'glitter n gloom'.rocking version of 'going out west'. 
What is your favorite guitar solo of all time?
All on youtube.com:Andres Segovia: AsturiasSabicas: Arabian DanceCarlos Montoya: FarrucaRoland Dyens: Tango en Skai 
suggestions for a warm cd player not too much $$
second the Jupiter 
Outstanding Recordings Of Redbook CD's
most any ECM recording is excellent; whether you like the music or not! 
Low-cost I/C's
Zu Cable Oxyfuel 
Best cheap record cleaning system?
$8 - used steam cleaner: Turbo Master220 (from Salvation Army)$19 - used record player/changer (circa 60's from antigue store)$7 - crevice adapter for vacuum cleaner (from a vaccuum store)$4 - small square of black velvet (from fabric store)$8 - ...