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Kimber Select 3033 versus 3035 and 3038
I have never tried the 3038's, but I will say that there is a drastic improvement in going from the 3033's to the 3035's, which I do currently have in my system. If you are contemplating buy either the 3033's or the 3035's, go right for the 3035's. 
Cable Suggestions Needed
A while back, probably a year or so ago, I replaced some Straightwire Crescendo's with some interconnects made by a company out of New Jersey called Virtual Image, their Pile Driver 18. I had their interconnects in for just a couple of days, not e... 
Variable output cd players
Cary Audio and the no longer in business California Audio Labs CL-15 
Best Speaker Cable choices for Solid State system
For HT, I use the Acoustic Zen Satori speaker cables. Yes there probably is better cables out there, but when it comes down to it, you'll have to spend alot more money to get a better sound, especially when it comes to HT. Besides the Satori's ae ... 
CD player with variable output
California Audio Labs CL-15 
Help me choose
I would recommend buying a used McCormack DNA 0.5. It is a very good amp, 100W/ch. Then, as your budget allows, you can send it to SMC to get it upgraded by Steve McCormack. I have never heard any of the upgraded amps, but have read on several pos... 
media storage
check with Music Direct, I know that they have some nice storage units. 
Who makes Beautiful / Attractive Speaker Cables?
I'll second the Kimber Select line of speaker cables. I especially like the looks of the 3033's, but prefer the sound of the 3035's. 
3 mtr interconnect for Cary 94L & 300B monoblocks.
I have never tried the VH Audio IC's before, but I do have a recommendation that will easily fit within your budget. I used to use Straightwire Crescendo interconnects and switched to the Virtual Image Pile Driver 18 IC's. While the Crescendo is a... 
UPS strikes again
I understand that you were a little disappointed/upset with everything, but I think that what you are expecting is a tad unreasonable. I live in NW Ohio, do you have any idea of how much snow we really got??? I had to have a guy with a Bobcat dig ... 
Kimber MonocleXL vs MonocleX
The Acoustic Zen Satori is also a good choice and you might be able to get the AZ's cheaper than the Kimber's. 
Best mid priced DAC for use with Cal Audio CL 15?
I don't know if it is within your budget, but I just bought a Sony SCD-777ES, not the XA777ES. My system has evolved to the point that it was REALLY showing the digital harshness of the Cal. BTW, see your other thread about cables I posted some su... 
Best mid priced DAC for use with Cal Audio CL 15?
I have a CL-15, to the best of my knowledge those only came with a digital input. Did yo or someone else have the player modded? Take a look and let me know. Zach 
Kimber MonocleXL vs MonocleX
I would save my money and go for something in the Select line. I have seen a few pairs of the 3033's list here on Audiogon for less than $1k. I started with the 3033's and have upgraded to the 3035's, big step up. I know that right now there are a... 
What kind of paint works best on MDF board?
I prefer whatever kind that I can get my wife to put on....