Integrated Amps with Phono for $3000 or less (or separate phono and Integrated)

For years I have enjoyed a wonderful sounding Accuphase E 307 integrated Amp containing both an analog disc input board and a digital input board (DAC).With some much new equipment available I have decided to explore changing it. Was wondering if there were any suggestions out there worthy of considering. I have a modest room in size 17' x 20'. Other equipment include a Linn turntable with a Rega Exacta 2 cartridge, Marantz 5004 CD player, Kef Q500 speakers, Grado headphones, Ps Audio power cables, Kimber speaker cables and Interconnects. In my computer system music is stored on a separate hard drive in AIFF files and played back using Itunes airplay. Any suggestions.

@ joscow
Did you ever consider tubes? You can add an outboard Dac to this one !
Yes. I Ilke tubes and I am open to them. Had a VAC 80/80 amp years ago

I love my recently acquired Rega Elicit-R. It is probably the best all around integrated amp I've ever owned and it replaced separates I was using previously.
+1 on the Rogue Cronus Magnum 2 for a tube amp. For SS, I would recommend a new/used Hegel integrated. The Hegel H160 or the new ROST may fit nicely.  Negative is no phono. 
I can recommend the Bel Canto C5i. Excellent sound in a compact, cool-running amp for about $2K list. 
Parasound Halo Integrated 160wpc, built in dac, mm and mc phono stage, 4 aux inputs also has balanced inputs and outputs.  The best part, real tone controls.
Audio Refinement Complete int amp or one of the older ones from YBA and a Jasmine 2 box phono stage like the 2.5du or LP 2.0 mkII. I run this combo with audio refinement separates and love it. 
FWIW you have a pretty excellent amp already I suspect it's going to be tough to better it for under $3K with phono even used. What about your sound are you trying to change? Perhaps invest the money in a better outboard phono stage to pair with your Accuphase? Or go the same route with the Dac? It might make a lot more sense and give you a bigger improvement than just starting over.
Some pretty good recommendations already including Hegel, Parasound, and Rogue.  I'd also look at the Musial Fidelity M6si integrated.....$3K retail....I had it for two years and it is a really great amp for them money.  Has a built in phono stage etc....
Great suggestion. Will consider. Original inclination was to go back to tubes. Had a Vac 80/80 some years ago. Thanks

Peachtree Nova 150 or 300.
Plenty of power - phono stage - all the digital inputs you'll ever need with an excellent DAC. You can order online and audition in home for up to 60 days. Like me you'll end up keeping it.
joscow I can understand craving tubes I run all tubes myself.  If that's the case a few ideas from the listings:

This looks nice and does have a phono stage:

No phono here but a gorgeous well reviewed amp

This also has great reviews and is in your price range no phono:

Among the other fine recommendations herein, consider a Musical Fidelity M6si. Great amp, very good switchable (MM and MC) phono input and right at your 3K budget.
I’ll second the Bel Canto C5i suggestion - fantastic product. 
Thanks for all the suggestion. At this stage I am taking Jond's advise and beginning to look for a cost effect phono stage to pair with my Accuphase amp. Accuphase E307 is an excellent integrated and it will be very hard for replace it at the price point that I have established for a replacement.
Would love suggestions on reasonable priced phonostage to pair with my Accuphase E307 with Raga Exacta 2 Cartdrige on a Linn Basik turntable with an Akito tonearm. Thanks again.

Good call.  What's your budget for the phono stage? 
I would like to have something practical and effective. Good performance with Rega Exacta 2 cartridge on a Linn Basik turntable at no more than $800. Any suggestions.

I am surprised that no one has mentioned the Croft Phono Integrated Amp. Glenn Croft makes a great product in the UK and it's as quiet and sweet as any integrated amp I have ever heard.  The phono stage is very good and is also very quiet.  All for $1,895 list