Integrated Amps with Phono for $3000 or less (or separate phono and Integrated)

For years I have enjoyed a wonderful sounding Accuphase E 307 integrated Amp containing both an analog disc input board and a digital input board (DAC).With some much new equipment available I have decided to explore changing it. Was wondering if there were any suggestions out there worthy of considering. I have a modest room in size 17' x 20'. Other equipment include a Linn turntable with a Rega Exacta 2 cartridge, Marantz 5004 CD player, Kef Q500 speakers, Grado headphones, Ps Audio power cables, Kimber speaker cables and Interconnects. In my computer system music is stored on a separate hard drive in AIFF files and played back using Itunes airplay. Any suggestions.

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Did you ever consider tubes? You can add an outboard Dac to this one !
Yes. I Ilke tubes and I am open to them. Had a VAC 80/80 amp years ago

I love my recently acquired Rega Elicit-R. It is probably the best all around integrated amp I've ever owned and it replaced separates I was using previously.
+1 on the Rogue Cronus Magnum 2 for a tube amp. For SS, I would recommend a new/used Hegel integrated. The Hegel H160 or the new ROST may fit nicely.  Negative is no phono. 
I can recommend the Bel Canto C5i. Excellent sound in a compact, cool-running amp for about $2K list. 
Parasound Halo Integrated 160wpc, built in dac, mm and mc phono stage, 4 aux inputs also has balanced inputs and outputs.  The best part, real tone controls.
Audio Refinement Complete int amp or one of the older ones from YBA and a Jasmine 2 box phono stage like the 2.5du or LP 2.0 mkII. I run this combo with audio refinement separates and love it. 
FWIW you have a pretty excellent amp already I suspect it's going to be tough to better it for under $3K with phono even used. What about your sound are you trying to change? Perhaps invest the money in a better outboard phono stage to pair with your Accuphase? Or go the same route with the Dac? It might make a lot more sense and give you a bigger improvement than just starting over.
Some pretty good recommendations already including Hegel, Parasound, and Rogue.  I'd also look at the Musial Fidelity M6si integrated.....$3K retail....I had it for two years and it is a really great amp for them money.  Has a built in phono stage etc....
Great suggestion. Will consider. Original inclination was to go back to tubes. Had a Vac 80/80 some years ago. Thanks

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joscow I can understand craving tubes I run all tubes myself.  If that's the case a few ideas from the listings:

This looks nice and does have a phono stage:

No phono here but a gorgeous well reviewed amp

This also has great reviews and is in your price range no phono:

Among the other fine recommendations herein, consider a Musical Fidelity M6si. Great amp, very good switchable (MM and MC) phono input and right at your 3K budget.
I’ll second the Bel Canto C5i suggestion - fantastic product. 
Thanks for all the suggestion. At this stage I am taking Jond's advise and beginning to look for a cost effect phono stage to pair with my Accuphase amp. Accuphase E307 is an excellent integrated and it will be very hard for replace it at the price point that I have established for a replacement.
Would love suggestions on reasonable priced phonostage to pair with my Accuphase E307 with Raga Exacta 2 Cartdrige on a Linn Basik turntable with an Akito tonearm. Thanks again.

Good call.  What's your budget for the phono stage? 
I would like to have something practical and effective. Good performance with Rega Exacta 2 cartridge on a Linn Basik turntable at no more than $800. Any suggestions.

I am surprised that no one has mentioned the Croft Phono Integrated Amp. Glenn Croft makes a great product in the UK and it's as quiet and sweet as any integrated amp I have ever heard.  The phono stage is very good and is also very quiet.  All for $1,895 list