cable to a separate power line

Hi! tell me what cable to a separate line Food on the integrated amplifier.
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please restate question.
I want to make a separate power line. Separate CD and power amp.
For example Inakustik Referenz AC-2502M.? Furutech? Oyaide? ... I need 12 meters. To the distributor.
I'm guessing you're wanting to run new dedicated lines from the circuit panel to the outlets? understand your vopros.ya want to spend two separate power line. separately for each component.

Where is Rossia? Or do you live in Russia?

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Jea48...Where is Rossia? Or do you live in Russia?.... and that ?
I did not ask about the geography.
I did not ask about the geography.
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Country of origin?

Wiring codes and methods can vary from country to country.
What might be a common method of wiring here in the USA may not be in your country.

Probably the most common type of residential branch circuit wire here in the USA is NM-B, (Romex trade name. Just one manufacture of type NM-B cable.) Is NM-B cable used in your country / town?

Sorry if you were offended by my asking......
Jea48 Thank hint ! in our country 220volt.