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Anything better than Revel F228be?
Stick with your 228Be!Used Salon2's might be an option though... 
DAC/Streamers Under 10k - Mytek, PS Audio...
I'd give strong consideration to the Manhattan is a very competent piece of gear.  I had the Manhattan I and now Manhattan thing I haven't had much desire to swap out.  I've actually had VERY good support from Mytek...I just r... 
Comparison of Cardas Clear & Beyond Speaker Cable to Shunyata Sigma or Alpha Cable
Having said that I just replaced my Clear Beyond PC with a Beyond XL on my Rowland PSU, so I hear a difference I [email protected] This brings up an interesting topic.....have you determined that power cords influence the new PSU? 
Rockport Avior 2 vs Wilson Sasha DAW
Excellent choice on the DAW.....wonderful speakers.  Any of your electronics above would be good choices...I'd go with DAG Momentum if budget allows.  VTL and ARC also good with Wilson.  Another consideration would be the superlative Luxman 900 se... 
Solid State Preamp Under $8000
You should be able to get a used Luxman C-900 U for this price.  I don't think you'll beat it with any other SS pre-amp in this pricerange.  Absolutely great piece of gear. 
Wilson Sasha Daws or Sabrinas
Definitely go with DAW if you can afford them.  Yvette a nice compromise though.  
Is now a good time to buy a pre-owned DAC?
No need to go back 3-5 have neurotic audiophiles dumping cutting edge current dacs at deep discounts all the time.   
Audirvana Plus vs Roon - High Sound Quality at Lower Cost?
I'll put in another vote for Audirvana.  I use it exclusively on a mac mini server and run it from the very good iPad app.  Mostly playing local files stored on a NAS but I do use Tidal some.  You don't have total control of A+ from the app but it... 
Mytek Manhattan
What about using an ethernet to Wi-Fi adapter on the current Manhattan II with network card? 
Interesting.  I saw him a couple months ago on and it was the single worst show of any kind that I have been a large margin.  I actually left early, along with many others.  It was just one huge garbled mess of sound...dump some forks in ... 
Your last concert was to see who and when?
Saw Joe Bonamassa last night at the Orpheum Theater in Memphis. Great show !Interesting.  Saw him last year and was the second worst show I've ever seen!  
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
No doubt the DAG integrated is getting very close to the top but coming straight off ML website....Neolith can dip to .43 ohms so I think it is valid that they could need more power.  Boulder immediately comes to mind but I think that has already ... 
Suggestions for Solo Violin Recordings
You'll have a hard time improving on the new Bach Sonatas and Partitas by Rachel Barton Pine.   
What’s a 10k to 15k speaker from smaller company that performs well?
Another vote for Sanders.  Also look at Joseph Audio.  
Integrated Amp Recommendation
Go for a Musical Fidelity M6si.  Had one for a couple years and thought it was a really great integrated for the money.