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DAC/Streamers Under 10k - Mytek, PS Audio...
You'll be happy with the Manhattan II.....especially if you are used to the Mytek sound with you Brooklyn.  I think you would have been disappointed with the PS DAC...a softer, more euphonic sound than Mytek. 
Does anybody own a Jeff Rowland Daemon Integrated Amp.?
No way Daemon will be better than your current suite of Rowland gear. 
Revel Salon 1 still worth it? Possible a small room?
If you like the Revel sound and want something a little smaller than Salons...I'd be looking at F208's or F228 BE. 
Revel f 228 Be first impressions?
They sounded remarkable at RMAF last fall. 
Pre and Amp Suggestions
Some good suggestions here.......but I'd stay north of 200 watts into 8 on anything for the Studio 2's.  I had F208's and now Salon2's.  Revels like good power.Pass a good choice...250 INT, 250.8, 350.8.  I haven't personally heard it but the Krel... 
Suggestions for Full Range Speakers up to 10K
Another vote here for Revel.  Look at the F208 or F228 Be.  Think I'd skip the Studio2's.  Used Salon2s also in your budget but I think they would be too tall.  I have owned F208's and Salon 2's....and heard the 228's.  I think the F228 Be is the ... 
Experiencing Rowland M925 4-chassis reference amps
I'd look for a used 625 or 625 S2 which is possible under $10K.  Superb amplifier.... 
Mola Mola dac
Tambaqui was apparently shown at Munich but so far there haven't been any reports.... 
Revel Ultima Salon 2
I believe they are 1/2" 
Revel Salon 2’s (used) or new Magico A-3 (new) ??
Congrats on a fine purchase telescope.  You'll love them.  What electronics are you using? 
Lampizator vs. Mytek Manhattan II
I'll register another vote for the Manhattan II.  I have one as as a DAC and Pre.  Can't imagine anyone not liking the sound.  Used the Manhattan I for a couple years and upgraded to the II.   
Speaker Cable Upgrade... Advice Please
I agree that a power cord might be the best way to go first.....perhaps stick with Cardas and pick up an older Golden Reference.  Other possibilities would be a Shunyata NR or maybe Transparent. 
Audioquest Niagara 5000 vs PS Audio P5 mk2 (DSP5)
AQ Niagara 5000.  No question about it. 
I'm With Her "See You Around" new album
Long time fan of all three of these girls going back to the very beginning of each of their careers.....this was a highly anticipated album for me. They are great together and perhaps even better individually. Aoife O’Donovan has one of the greate... 
Trouble in Fleetwood Mac.......
If ever there were a way to illustrate that musical taste varies, this thread is it.  I am probably (much) younger than most people on this forum, and never could get up much interest in Fleetwood Mac despite trying.  Then I got my hands on the Li...