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If you like Revel F208, you would love ....
The F228 BE are stonking good.  Look at these or used Salon2's.  Salon2's only if your Ayre gear is up to driving them.  If you like the Revel sound, perhaps also look at the new Paradigm Persona line.   
Jeff Rowland Model 6 vs Jeff Rowland 625
I have a 625 S2, and I can't imagine going back over 20 years to the model 6 would yield improvement.  The 625 is easily upgradable to the S2 version....I would consider looking into this if I was you. 
AC Cables - Flexible and Small Gauge ?
The new LessLoss C-Marc cables are the most flexible I have a landslide.  Excellent construction and sound too. 
Any Thoughts on Naim Uniti Nova ?
I've played with the NAIM Uniti Core quite a bit and like it.  The control app is simple, but I like that.For me, Roon is way too busy and cumbersome to navigate.   
Class D options
I suspect much of the issue with the Mola Mola Kalugas is that many reviewers and owners don't give them a chance for break-in.  They are superbly engineered amps but the break-in is supposed to be really severe on some class-D....I have heard to ... 
Audio Research Ref 6 work with Jeff Rowland 725
ARC gives minimum input impedance of 20K Ohms.  I have a JRDG 625 S2 and would love to try a Ref 6, but I also need to drive a powered subwoofer and ARC is incompatible with most subs. 
Looking for a Thin Lightweight PowerCord for Digital
AU 24 SE MP mentioned above is good choice and very flexible..... but my first pick would be the new LessLoss C-MARC power is the most flexible power cable I have ever seen and sounds superb on my DAC/PRE.  It also has the tightest grip... 
Teach an Old Dog New Tricks
I'm sure the Sony is a good piece, but it lacks the all important CD ripping function which the Naim has.  Big time error to leave this out of servers IMO. 
Has anyone purchased the new Elac Adante floorstanders yet?
Agree with shredder......they were sounding very fine at RMAF 
Mytek Brooklyn
I had some issues with Mytek recently and have to say Michal really stepped up to the plate to make things right.  I was impressed.  If you aren't getting any traction via email I'd try their phone number.  I've always gotten in touch with someone... 
Sanders Sound Systems 10E - The Genius has done it.
I heard his demo system at RMAF this was shockingly good.   
Does anybody own a Jeff Rowland Daemon Integrated Amp.?
A couple thoughts on this.....It is well known that the Rowland class D gear has an exceptionally long break in period.  I suspect many of those who might be turned off by class D sound, either haven't listened to one of his current offerings, or ... 
Amp selection for someone on a modest budget...
For $6K, I'd stretch just a bit and shop for a used Pass 250.8 which would be super with the F208's. 
Anyone using a Mytek Brooklyn or Manhattan (I or II) DAC as a preamplifier?
Do the Mytek DAC’s that support ROON require connectivity to a PC or a MAC computer? Yes, even with the Roon ready network board the Mytek will require a computer to run Roon.The advantage is you eliminate a digital cable in your system and dump t... 
Sanders 10e
No doubt they have a small sweet spot but not as dramatic as some are indicating.  I heard them at RMAF and was floored.  I thought they were superior to anything else there.  True story.  He was playing a variety of dynamic music which helped the...