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Does anybody own a Jeff Rowland Daemon Integrated Amp.?
A couple thoughts on this.....It is well known that the Rowland class D gear has an exceptionally long break in period.  I suspect many of those who might be turned off by class D sound, either haven't listened to one of his current offerings, or ... 
Amp selection for someone on a modest budget...
For $6K, I'd stretch just a bit and shop for a used Pass 250.8 which would be super with the F208's. 
Anyone using a Mytek Brooklyn or Manhattan (I or II) DAC as a preamplifier?
Do the Mytek DAC’s that support ROON require connectivity to a PC or a MAC computer? Yes, even with the Roon ready network board the Mytek will require a computer to run Roon.The advantage is you eliminate a digital cable in your system and dump t... 
Sanders 10e
No doubt they have a small sweet spot but not as dramatic as some are indicating.  I heard them at RMAF and was floored.  I thought they were superior to anything else there.  True story.  He was playing a variety of dynamic music which helped the... 
Persona 3f vs B&W 802D2s
I'll second that....the Personas did sound great at RMAF.  The bass in particular was just outstanding.  They did have room correction employed thought so that is something to consider. 
Solid state DAC under 12K retail preferably with ethernet
Bricasti, Berkley, Aeris....all good choices plus they have the benefit of really superior volume control if you need it.  The Mytek Manhattan II which was mentioned is also a good option...I have the Manhattan I and it is great.Among all, Bricast... 
laurier...Given the gleaming stack of Rowland gear you already have including the PSU, I would get the Aeris and never look back....then get a separate streamer.  If you don't want a CD ripper/hard drive etc on the could look at som... 
Switching to solid state amp?
Pass/First Watt are a good place to start and Gryphon would be another option.  D'Agostino even better....does everything right.  A used S200 might be a little over your budget but worth stretching for.  I'm surprised Ayre has been mentioned as cl... 
Power Cords
Curious why you can't talk about the new AQ cords.....aren't they available on the market currnetly?  There were loads of them in use at RMAF.  Also, what Shunyata cords did you try? 
Dedicated Outlets - The Latest Recommendations
I went through the same gyrations recently.  Here are a couple things to consider:Use a panel that has a copper bus bar.  The only commercially available panel I found that fits the bill is a Square-D QO series panel.  The QO panels are more for c... 
Magico S5 vs KEF Blade 2 vs TAD Evo One vs YG Kipod II Sig w/pwr bass
One thing to consider....I think running the Bricasti directly into your 350.5 is going to be superior to the level of pre-amp you are looking at.  Bricasti volume control is very, very good.  Consider putting your pre-amp money on the speakers fo... 
Power Amp Suggestions
402E or ML 532 are both no-brainers IMO.  532 is an impressive piece to see in person. 
Your favourite 2017 album.?
Colter Wall- "Colter Wall"Most interesting voice I think I've ever heard and a genuine folk singer. 
Magico S5 Speaker - owners - heard them!
No doubt the 350.5 will be a great match with Magico.  Regarding the Bricasti, I doubt you'll need a dedicated pre-amp.  The volume control is so good in the M1.... at that level a pre-amp becomes more of a toy than a game changer. 
My Long List of Amplifiers and My Personal Review of Each!
FWIW, I heard Il Cremonese at RMAF last year in a tiny, far from ideal room and though they sounded really, really good.