I have three speakers avaiable to me??

Hello FriendsI know some of you, will be a bored with my post, but you must understand, I live on the far south coast of Australia, the nearest hi fi shop is about 3 hours drive, and there knowledge is some what sad, I need to make a decision, by the next few days??, below, is the four speakers that is available to me in my budget, I manly listen to Rock, Blues, Rock/Jazz, New Wave etc, where Bass seems to be what I'm after, per my music, please send me your thoughts, on the bellow speakers!!1. Gallo Reference 3.1 speakers, with Gallo S.A. bass amp2. Golden Ear Triton Fives( which has passive woofers)3. Golden Ear Triton Three + (which has powered woofer) this is the most expensive speaker on my list, which stretch my budget, to the max!!4. Definitive Technology BP 9060, speakersI know some of you have have a favorite speakers, but because I'm on a pension, I can only afford the above !!Friends, hoping you help me with the above!!Many ThanksDavid

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I only have def tech experience but I am a big fan, especially if bass is your thing. I also suspect they are the least expensive of your choices. I sloughs ST 8040s about six or seven years ago and have since sold anthem to a friend who runs them with bel canto monoblocka and a Cambridge network streamer. Very nice sound with powerful bass. As you may know, sandy Gross who heads up golden ear used to run def tech, so I assume there is some common DNA between them. The Def Techs aren’t great lookers but they leave nothing to be desired in my friends system. And the built in powered sub are a big advantage in terms of set up and cabling. 
Definitive Technology BP 9060...best deal on your list. used they are cheap as chips
I'd get some decent two-ways (e.g. KEF) and a couple of 12 inch subwoofers.
Among those, DT would be my preference. Can you find Monitor Audio?
Well this one for me is easy. Set aside bass for the time being. Ask yourself, other than bass, which ones give me that magic sinking into the music feeling? Those are the ones you get. Even if they are the ones with the worst bass. Even if they are the ones with the worst bass by far.

Why? Well because number one, the bass you actually get in your room can be a whole lot different depending on how you set everything up. Could be a lot worse. Could be a lot better. Real hard to know unless they will let you bring a pair home to try. (Which you should always ask and try to do with everything all the time by the way!)

But mostly because number two, your best bass by far, the bass that is gonna make you happy now and forever, is gonna involve not one sub (which never really works) but four. Which best of all for your situation those four can be DIY from some place like partsexpress.com or four of whatever subs you can get a good deal on. 

What almost nobody understands is that bass reproduction is so completely different than the higher frequencies that the quality, size and location of subs is a whole lot less important than number. Use four and you will be happy. So leave that for later.

Incidentally, I don't know the prices in Aus or if you're looking new or used but a quick search would seem to show the price differential from your cheapest to most expensive option is about as much as a good DIY 4-sub Swarm distributed bass array. In other words if you like the midrange-treble of the cheapest pair you could afford those and the Swarm and have the best of both worlds.

I just built mine using four of this exact 10" driver which right now includes a precision cut cabinet for free https://www.parts-express.com/morel-ultimate-uw-1058-10-subwoofer--297-130 together with the Dayton SA1000 amp and you will not find better bass on Aus!
I just built mine using four of this exact 10" driver which right now includes a precision cut cabinet for free https://www.parts-express.com/morel-ultimate-uw-1058-10-subwoofer--297-130 together with the Dayton SA1000 amp and you will not find better bass on Aus!
Do you use that amp to power all four subs, or one amp for each?

After being beaten over the head with Def Tech speakers when I went to Best Buy to audition Martin Logans specifically, I am surprised they are even mentioned here.  They were honky, bright and compressed sounding.  I have to believe that the Gallos or the Golden Ears would be far superior sounding.
I too am surprised Def Tech is being recommended. Since we don’t know much about the use or room for this selection, only mentioned musical preferences - not a lot to go on. DefTEch 9060 and Triton 3+ and 5 are designed to be home theater and music speakers. There may be less expensive solutions for music only.

With what was mentioned in the original question, and from my experience with Def Tech - choose Golden Ear every time. While the Triton 5’s are very good, Triton 3’s are the (obvious to me) best choice between the three. I have no experience with Gallo (although I’ve read good reviews).

I have Martin Logan electrostats, have listened to the Def Tech 9060’s (and lower models), and Golden Ear Triton 1 (and lower models). Triton 3+’s have built-in powered subs (for the bass you want), awesome dispersion, sweet midrange (with same 'phase plug' as DefTech) and smooth highs (due to AMT 'folded motion/foil' tweeters) that sound detailed and accurate without being harsh. Just like the Martin Logan’s stats, I can listen to Golden Ear all night long without fatigue. In my home theater system, using Triton 3+, and they are great at filling the room with all frequencies including built-in dual subs. By the way, the built-in powered subs can be run from speaker wire signal or LFE input. 

Def Tech (all models including 9060) have bright, harsh, tweeters - same as B&W (to my ears) and I have B&W’s too (currently in my 2-channel music room along with the electrostats and Elac's I've been demo'ing). When I listen to those aluminum dome tweeters, can barely stand it - very fatiguing (as a side note, still like the B&W's over Elac Debut 2.0 F6.2). Some people like that surgical accuracy on the highs, others don’t. You probably know what you like. Listen to both if you can, and you’ll likely hear what I’m describing (especially if you can listen to them side-by-side or even within a day of each other).

If you have to make a rush decision between the models you mentioned, my advice is first choice Golden Ear Triton 3+, second choice is Triton 5.
I loathe Golden Ear speakers with a mad mad passion, that's' why DT was my only choice among the three.
I find them harsh ear drills with no other positive attribute. Hah!

Forget the above and get a pair of Quad 57's. Peter Walker's miracle and a speaker for the Ages (I have two pairs!).