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Best Desktop Speakers under $500
i would see if you can find some Airpulse powered monitors used or Edifiers... there should be something in your price range. I have the Airpulse A200 and they are world class midrange.. 
Any Modwright CXN v2 owners who want to share their experience?
I am interested as well... 
Vandersteen 3A Signatures with 2 dB difference between L and R Speakers
make sure they is in phase 
Anybody want to talk about the JBL studio 590?
@james633 "I would love to hear a pair with better quality crossover parts." I did see on ye ol innernet that there is a guy who has upgraded the 300 and 500 series JBL's. He says it is difficult but if you got some skills and patience it is a ver... 
All NEW Klipsch Jubilee Horn Speakers !... Game Changer ?...
how much $$ ¿¿all your klipsch are belong to me 
Types of speakers to create nightclub style sound?
love this thread...forgive me if I aleready mentioned this, but I have a Yamaha DRX10 that sounds excellent and is powered. I use it for literally everything ... my bass rig, my guitar rig, stereo and PA duty. It has a bit of hiss (white noise) at... 
Does anyone play two pairs of speakers at the same time?
I agree that if you have one monster set of speakers with some serious drivers (Cornwalls?) that stacking 2 sets might be superfluous.. bit i am in the camp of having the extra small speakers lying about not earning me a dime... and they do bring ... 
What makes speaker's sound big?
I say olde chapPerhaps a double impact is a bit stiffCan go with a single?If not then I recommend training 
Subwoofer xover settings for KEF LS50W (orig model)
i run all program to my sub which paasses everything above 80Hz to the bookshelf speakers which are run full range 
Subwoofer xover settings for KEF LS50W (orig model)
yep. I use 80Hz for my mid-fi (2 way bookshelves with 5 inch woofers....not LS50x) and it soounds pretty great at 80Hz. I sometimes cross at 100Hz but that sound quality is very dependent on the music... 
Reducing my digital noise floor.
i use wifi to my computer then auirvana-tidal via usb to dac...all me wee bits are perfectno danglersquiet as meeses 
Jaw Dropping Improvement?
good call on the reclocker.. i use the Wyred4Sound unit 
Jaw Dropping Improvement?
@sameyers1try some ribbon tweeters. i think everyone loses HF hearing response 
Jaw Dropping Improvement?
i have told this story before. i had a PreSonus Audiobox USB DAC (XLR outputs) that cost me a whopping 79 bucks including shipping. I was sure that I was missing something. $200 later with a SMSL SU8, I cannot hear a bloody difference. I would lik... 
Repairing vintage subwoofer
it does not look from the foto that the spade connectors are soldered directly to the lugs. first try and use your fingers and simply grab by the barrel part of the spade and slide the spade connectors off the lug. if they are a bit sticky then t...