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Audirvana Plus vs Roon - High Sound Quality at Lower Cost?
if you use A+ on a Mac you cannot play DSD natively... what a drag 
Schiit Freya plus. Is this an upgrade?
from what I have read, all the new production tubes come from just two locations - one in China and one in Russia. Only the brand name changes.... 
Tidal Music
load up Fleetwood Mac Rumours on tidal hifiit is like free dope and orgies on the Haightforecast is for eargasms 
Types of speakers to create nightclub style sound?
klipsch for the winfeel the love 
Klipsch speaker choices
re: womans and speakerswe is allowed only one? 
Klipsch speaker choices
someone please send me some klipsch so i know what joy is 
Klipsch speaker choices
what is a good inexpensive tube amp to pair with the Klipsch Heritage series? 
A good taste of DSD--what is your experience?
for instance, "Can’t you hear me Knockin" the opening guitar riff sounds identical and I think anybody would only be guessing to identify which is DSD. When Mick and the band comes in is when I notice the bigger soundstage and the smoothness of th... 
Schiit Freya plus. Is this an upgrade?
i believe the Tung Sol is a reissued tube from Chinese origin... not that this makes it a bad tube, but not an original 6SN7 which is a beautiful thing ion the right circuit. I hope the current 6SN7 that Schitt sources is great as I will probably ... 
A good taste of DSD--what is your experience?
i did a bit of reading and unfortunately, Apple does not support native DSD playback 
A good taste of DSD--what is your experience?
@geoffkait I have those same ABKO Stones files. They display as DSD 1 bit format in Audirvana.... strangley enough, they do not display as DSD 128,256, whatever when they play on my SMSL SU8. That may be due to a display or actual functional limit... 
sellers trying to sell used product for 10-20% off of list price
1 year old is about 10-20% off for new-ish productpawn shop will give you salvage value of 33% on anything NEW with transistors 
$1300-1500 DAC
TEAC NT-505there shall be only one.... 
The New Luxman SQ-N150 Tube Integrated Amp
outstanding !! 
tube pre-amp for active monitors
@soundsrealaudioI use the SMSL SU-8 dac via USB with a Wyred4Sound Re-Clocker